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Trigger is a comfortable lounger for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of the minimalistic frame the focus is on the exclusivity and crafts of the seating. Trigger is made out of 190 handmade ceramic links of Belgian clay. The shape of the links is in such a way that they limit the contact points ensuring a high and lasting comfort. Moreover, elastic rings interconnect them, making the seating spring slightly.

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Step 2:

Making lime moulds

Step 3:

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Mass production.
Each lounger contains over 200 links.

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Making the frame

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Testing the ergonomics


DavidL661 (author)2016-09-17

Few questions... First is it possible to add another photo/drawing of the dimensions of the frame? How do you fire the glaze on the clay if they are covered all over - Do they not stick to the kiln shelves? Finally, how did you shape the ceramic parts? Did you make a mold first? Thanks for any help you can offer :)

Jielt (author)DavidL6612016-09-18

Hi David

I did made a ton of molds and there is no glaze on the bottom when it’s baked.

To be honest, this is not a small hobby project. It took me months to get enough
links for the surface.

I gave Royal Botania a license to reproduce them. So if were lucky they’ll be
on the market by next year, save you the time ;)

Best, Jielt

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