Picture of Trigger/ The ceramic lounger
Trigger is a comfortable lounger. The frame is designed in such way that it’s a beautiful chair in both versions. The first version is made of fabric, which constitutes relatively inexpensive series. Because the patterns sewed in the fabric/foam sandwich structure you create a 3D effect. The second version is focused on exclusivity and crafts, in fact it’s made out of 196 handmade ceramic links of Belgian clay. The shape of the links is determined so they limit the contact points ensuring a high and lasting comfort. This series can be used as ‘Trigger’ or as a promotional stunt for the fabric version
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Step 1:

Picture of
0 Testen.JPG

Step 2:

Making lime moulds

Step 3:

Picture of
Mass production.
Each lounger contains over 200 links.

Step 4:

Picture of
8 serie glazuren.png

Step 5:

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10 frame stap 1.png
11 frame stap 2.png
12 frame stap 3.png
13 frame.JPG
14 frame opgeschuurd.JPG
Making the frame

Step 6:

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Testing the ergonomics