Introduction: Trilobite Knot Keychain

Picture of Trilobite Knot Keychain

Step 1: Finding the Supplies

Picture of Finding the Supplies

Paracord 5 ft for 2 colors

Step 2: Putting It on the Tape

Picture of Putting It on the Tape

Put the 2 same size paracord ropes end two end find the middle by making the opposite 2 end to meet. Put that middle on the tape

Step 3: Lay It Out

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Lat it out as I did so. Color : other color : color : other color

Step 4: Starting the Weave

Picture of Starting the Weave

Start knotting your rope

Step 5: Do the Weave

Picture of Do the Weave

Start one of the cords and make it go up the under 1 over 2 and under 1. Do the opposite for the next one. Go up then over 1 under 2 then over 1. Make sure both colors CROSS.

Step 6: Other Side

Picture of Other Side

Here's a picture of the other side

Step 7: Tips

Picture of Tips

Light both of the ends to make it easier to weave it . CAUTION CAN GET VERY HOT. I am not responsible for any injuries.The sticker tape the better. If you do the rope that is going under the 2 ropes he easier. The ropes have to cross each other.

Step 8: Repeat

Picture of Repeat

Keep repeating the process without doing the knot. Be carful not to twist the cords

Step 9: Tie It Off and Cut and Light

Picture of Tie It Off and Cut and Light

Tie it at the end. Cut the part you were weaving with and tuck it in the last weave. Using a lightest link them together. Cut the long part at the bottom and link that

Step 10: Adding It to the Keychain

Picture of Adding It to the Keychain

Open the part of the keychain and stick the 2 ends it. Keep sliding it down until it locks in. (Feel free to add a monkey fist that I showed how to do to).

Step 11: You Are Done

Picture of You Are Done

Enjoy attach it to a backpack as an idea.


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