Introduction: Trilobite Metal Sculpture or Wall Art

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I was working on another project which I hope to post here soon, and had to cut the bottom out of a brass bowl. I kept it around for a while. My wife suggested making a trilobite so I eventually decided to cut out a trilobite head out of it. The project has a few years in the making and was finally accelerated so it could be my wife's sort-of-late-sort-of-finished Christmas present this year.

Step 1: Plan the Build

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I only have one copper sheet, so I made a cardboard version first out of cereal boxes.

Step 2: Cut the Copper

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Now that we have a plan for this thing, we can cut the copper sheet using the cardboard pieces as stencils.

Step 3: Real Trilobites Have Curves

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So now we take the pieces that we cut out of copper and bend them to make them more like the cardboard model. It takes a little work to get them to match up reasonably well with each other. I also ended up shaping the head later which you can see in the final steps.

Step 4: Attach With Screws

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So now we drill holes so we can attach the pieces together. I used tape to hold them where I wanted them while I drilled the holes.

Step 5: Adding Some Eyes

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Trilobites had a ton of different kinds of eyes. I drew a couple of possibilities for the eyes but finally went with something a little different. cutting out paper shapes helped me to make them symmetric and place them carefully. Then I cut them out with a dremel cutting wheel. Adding some copper mesh helps give them shape and looks pretty cool like the compound eyes of a real trilobite.

Step 6: Done! ... for Now

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Pretty much done here. Sanded off the rough edges and added a couple more screws to attach the head. I'm planning to add some sweet RGB LEDs inside the eyes and along its belly, then hang it on the wall, then write a part 2 of this instructable.


RobertW327 (author)2018-01-08

I think you will find that this creature is know as a cybermat . One of the most fearsome doctor who aliens .

Jordan Bell (author)RobertW3272018-01-18

I had to look that one up. I'm not caught up on all the older episodes. Something to put on my list.

RobertW327 (author)Jordan Bell2018-01-18

Try episode "moonbase :with 2nd doctor . . plus they have appeared in some of the newer ones .

BenjaminB98 (author)RobertW3272018-01-09


acheide (author)2018-01-09

Beautifully done. Thanks.

Jordan Bell (author)acheide2018-01-18

Thank you for reading!

Glumgad (author)2018-01-09

Great trilobite! I like those prehistoric guys.

Jordan Bell (author)Glumgad2018-01-18

Thanks! I hadn't realized how many kinds of trilobites there were before starting this thing. Tons of really cool ones!

BenjaminB98 (author)2018-01-09

That's awesome, I've always loved Trilobites!

Jordan Bell (author)BenjaminB982018-01-18


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