Picture of Trinity Tie Knot
If you've ever wanted a knot to impress, here it is!

NOTE: It is suggested to use a tie that is either patterned or has small stripes, like the tie pictured. Do not use a tie with several different colored stripes, as the stripes and colors will collide in the knot.

CAUTION: This knot is not for a novice tie-tier. It can be difficult to perfect and adjust for even the most refined of gentlemen.
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Step 1: Set Up

Picture of Set Up
(1.1) This is a knot that is tied with the narrow end of the tie. Place the wide end about where it should hit the belly, and then pull it up a an inch or so higher. In order to tighten the knot at the end and have it sit correctly, it will be desirable to start with the tie somewhat short.

Step 2: First Side

Picture of First Side
Photo Feb 03, 4 24 33 PM.jpg
(2.1) Cross the narrow end of the tie over top of wide end.

(2.2) Loop the narrow end around the top, keeping it on the same side as it was after it was crossed over.

Step 3: Second Side

Picture of Second Side
Photo Feb 03, 4 25 23 PM.jpg
(3.1) Cross the narrow end of the tie behind the wide end to get it to the other side.

(3.2) Once again loop the narrow end of the tie over the top, keeping it on the same side as it was when it was crossed over, creating a heart shape.

Step 4: Cross and Backwards Windsor

Picture of Cross and Backwards Windsor
Photo Feb 03, 4 26 11 PM.jpg
NOTE: Keep this part loose! It will need to be opened slightly in the next step.

(4.1) Cross the narrow end behind and to the other side, which will somewhat loosen the heart shape, and cross the narrow end over top of the knot.

(4.2) Loop the narrow end behind and over top of the knot, and insert it behind the piece of the tie that was just crossed over. This should look and feel similar to tying a typical windsor, except with the narrow end in front.

omg thank you for the help
mdemille (author) 2 years ago
I uploaded a new picture. For some reason I couldn't quite get it as nice tonight as I did the other day. That's alright though.
Sweetest way to tie a tie! Do you happen to have a clearer image of the finished knot?