Picture of Trip wire, cap gun alarm. Simple, Cheap and effective
this is a simple, cheap and quick trip wire using mostly pen parts and some other miscellaneous equipment and objects. I built this for fun but is well equipped for a more serious situation like paintball or any other games/sports where a trip wire alarm would come in handy :)

Step 1: Requirements and tips

Picture of requirements and tips
To build this i used a large 2 piece pen that screws together below halfway,
i also found a huge spring from another pen, all others fail so find the biggest one you can

a lighter and a pin are required to melt holes in the pen to enable cocking and ventilation

a straightened paperclip works well as a pin to hold the firing pin in place

try to find a solid and heavy bolt with a flat end, this will be where the contact is made and the combustion happens, so make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand a small blast

i used a sharp and strong hook to secure the end of the wire so some pliers may come in handy

lhsk8r2 years ago
I like the concept and feel like it has potential but pls make it simpler
lhsk8r2 years ago
Cool but provides no instruction on how to make whatsoever I suggest that you make another one on how to make it. I am looking forward to using this.
SmellierCow (author)  lhsk8r2 years ago
I will try my best, this was my first one and my friend introduced me to the site after I built it, hopefully i will make another to get back to you.
ray742 years ago
Really cool :)
SmellierCow (author)  ray742 years ago
thanks man, this is my first one and its done a lot better than i expected, if you could vote for this in the contests it would be greatly appreciated, cheers