Triple Barrel RS-5




Introduction: Triple Barrel RS-5

The title says it all. Tell me what you think. Again I had to use my laptop camera for the pictures.



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    Same as what I said about the original RS-5, this is cool but some people don't like rubber band guns. But still it's cool. Post?

    im not sure why rubber band guns are SO much better!!

    it depends, rubberband guns are safer, but they are harder to load and don't shoot as far

    Safer?  Safety is for wimps.  Get an untangle.

    "safety" is for a kid who's parents don't let a 16 year old kid who can't even keep a metal rod in his room because they are too "dangerous" to have around

    I can keep a metal rod in my room lol.

    i can keep a shot gun in my room and i do have one but im not allowed to touch the ammo unless im going to the range with my dad... i think obamas gunna do something about that though... i can just tell

    0.0 Wow where do you get a shotgun......(Asking myself)

    i bought mine at RangeMaster for $499.99 which is the same place i go to shoot it and its actualy really good but the recoil is bad... :)

    Well I guess its a good thing that I only have knex guns because some guys broke into my house.  They took all my electronics except the desktop PC and left my knex untouched.