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This is an "upgrade" to the Sipriani Rifle. I honestly think it is one of the strongest guns on this site. Both by power and durability. It now has 3 barrels and 3 ratchets which allows more rubber bands to be put on and not break the ratchet pieces. It can also load 3 bullets at once. I personally prefer to use 1 bullet at a time because it's easier, safer, and more accurate. More rubber bands will now make that 1 bullet go farther. THANKS TO VICCIE FOR THE SIPRIANI RIFLE!! :)
Well i hope you build my gun and rate 5 stars and like the new design. i have a bunch of versions of the sipriani rifle. ill show my "ak-47" version of it and my sniper version. i have a instructable on the sniper version.
p.s. when loading only 1 bullet, still use all 3 ratchets

VERY powerful
Triple shot
Durable/Reliable... it wont break when dropped :)
Comfy, perfect length stock
Perfect working, easily detachable bipod

Lot of yellow connectors
Breaks bullet if shot at hard surface

Piece Count:
Yellow Connectors- 135
Red Connectors- 8
Green Connectors- 5
Orange Connectors- 32
Light Grey Connectors- 5
Whites Connectors- 12
Red Rods- 7
White Rods- 45
Green Rods- 213
Yellow Rods- 20
Blue Rods- 20
Blue Connectors- 4
Purple Connectors- 4
Metallic Blue Clips- 4

Step 1: Handle and Trigger

Picture of Handle and Trigger

1. Gather and make these.
2. Put them together like so.
3. Build 2 of these.
4. Build one of these.
5. Add the yellow rod and the white rods as marked.
6. Add the smaller panel and a white connector. ( mines black )
7. Add the last panel and put a white connector on both sides of the yellow rod.
8. Connect the trigger to the handle.
9. Make 2 of these panels.
10. Attach on both sides.
Done with the handle/trigger :)

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

1. Make 2 of these
2. Make 3 of these ( there are 10 orange connectors )
3. Take one of the orange connector strips and make this. Close up in next picture.
4. Close up of how to make it.
5. Push them together into the middle and connect them with green rods.
6. Add the other orange strips on like so.
7. Snap yellow connectors on each yellow rod like so.
8 and 9. Take the pieces you made in step one and connect them on like in the picture.
10. Connect the handle/trigger to the barrel.
11. Add 2 yellow rods on the back of the gun.
12. Add 2 yellow rods onto the front of the gun.
13 and 14. attach 2 white rods with a metallic blue on the gun as shown. next picture helps
15. Slide a yellow rod through the 2nd yellow connector in the front. then add a red connector on each side

Step 3: Bipod

Picture of Bipod

1. Gather and make these.
2. Put together like this.
3. Attach to red connectors on the front of the gun

Step 4: Stock

Picture of Stock

1-4. Gather and make.
5-8. Gather and make 7 of these.
9-12. Gather and make 1 of these.
13-16. Gather and make 1 of these.
17-19. Gather and make 1 of these.
20. Take the link you made in step 1-4, and take 5 of the other 7 links, and the link you made in step 13-16 and make this. Not too hard.
21. Take the last 2 links and the link with the red connectors and make this.
22. Connect the piece you just made with the long stock you made in step 20.
23. Add the last part like so.
24-25. Connect it to the main gun as shown.

Step 5: Rubber Bands and Loading

Picture of Rubber Bands and Loading

1. Detach the front of gun as shown.
2. Add rubber band where shown. add as many as you want.
3. Another view.
4. Re-attach front.
5. Add 2 or 3 small rubber bands under the gun, where the white rods are.
6. Take the one side i talked about in the other picture and pull it over to the trigger and wrap it around where i have it.
7. Another view.
8. Pull the main rubber bands to the white connectors on the top of the gun and wrap around the like i have it.
9. Make sure all the white connectors are at the same spot before you fire.
10. This is a bullet.
11. Put the bullets in the gun where i have them.
NOW GET READY, AIM, AND FIRE :) please rate and comment ;)


beanieostrich (author)2011-05-03

Triple barrel XD 3 projectiles at once =D Thats gotta do some MAJOR damage =D

H1T4TCH1 (author)2010-04-12

 do u think 135 yellows is much??

KnexMaster7000 (author)H1T4TCH12010-04-12

 well i have about 200 so not really. its just way too many people are on this site making comments about not having enough pieces so i put that as a con.... do you think its a lot?

H1T4TCH1 (author)KnexMaster70002010-04-13

haha ok now i understand... and i dont think its much i have around 300 or more :P

KnexMaster7000 (author)H1T4TCH12010-04-13

 nice..,. i probably have around 6000 pieces but i only have like 200 yellow cons...

H1T4TCH1 (author)KnexMaster70002010-04-13

ah that sucks if u want to build sipriani's, sr's and cannon's...
but u can make a bunch of guns with that 200 though and sometimes you can replace them by white snowflakes or blue clip-in thingies. :P

KnexMaster7000 (author)H1T4TCH12010-04-14


An Villain (author)2010-04-04

you should omit the barrel dividers, and make a wide track shotgun.

 i dont really understand what ur saying... like make it so each "barrel" is wider? or waht??? lol im confused

remove the barrel dividers, so that it is only 2 yellow strips for the sides so that it has 5 orange connector strips for the barrel, it would use the same amount of pieces and be a lot cooler.

 ohhh i see. k ill try that. but what will it shoot?

 like a bunch of those arrow things?

KnexFreek (author)2010-03-17

 Dude! Replace the intro pic with the 2nd pic! the ratings will go up!

KnexMaster7000 (author)KnexFreek2010-03-17

 k :) thanks for the tip. and i cant wait for you to see my godly sipriani when i posst the instructable. ive been working on it for like 2 months and its hopefully gonna pass the v3 sip in ratings and its awespme

Skreetsha (author)2009-07-15

My god, i better make a V3 to compete with your modded Sipriani's. Hehe.. :P

KnexMaster7000 (author)Skreetsha2009-07-15


Skreetsha (author)KnexMaster70002009-07-16

I'm serious, I'ma build V3... I mean come on, everyone liked my Sipriani's best, of all my creations. So why not a V3 :P

DJ Radio (author)Skreetsha2009-07-17

something to accompany my AR-4 v3 with eh?

Skreetsha (author)DJ Radio2009-07-19

Also, yeah. :P Why don't we hold a contest with the three of us, the Sipriani's VS The AR-4's, VS the modded Sip's? XD

DJ Radio (author)Skreetsha2009-07-22

Nah, The sipriani is a different class of gun than my AR-4 v3. Its slingshot vs. ram gun, no fair.

Skreetsha (author)DJ Radio2009-07-22

True, but the are both rifles, but shooting mech wise, they are nothing alike. Just forget it :P

DJ Radio (author)Skreetsha2009-07-22

yeah. Mine could be a prime assault/battle rifle, yours could be the secondary sniper rifle.

Skreetsha (author)DJ Radio2009-07-23

Lol, your a ground troop, and i'm sniping from my room window. XD

DJ Radio (author)Skreetsha2009-07-23

at least I know you cant hit me if I run real fast. Then I will hide behind some cover, go to where you are while you are trying to aim outside, and rush you.

Skreetsha (author)DJ Radio2009-07-23

Lol, i meant on the same team. XD

RMConstruction (author)Skreetsha2009-07-18

lolol. i modded the v2 sipriani, and it shot through BOTH sides of a 2mm (each side) thick plasic box form 7.3 meters!!!! here's a pic of one side!

Skreetsha (author)RMConstruction2009-07-19

O_o Is that a modded Sipriani that did that? Holy crap, mine were powerful too, but i didn't think they could do that. I once shot my K'nex box (5 mm plastic) with a pound-weighing bullet for my ADU when i still had it. Wanna see a picture of what happened?

RMConstruction (author)Skreetsha2009-07-20

in brief...... HELL YES! and btw, it bas a sharpened bullet...

was* oops...

Skreetsha (author)RMConstruction2009-07-21

Lol, post it, but do credit me, ok? :P

RMConstruction (author)Skreetsha2009-07-21

Of course i would!

RMConstruction (author)Skreetsha2009-07-20

i may or may not post my mods.... you think i should? today i got it to fire magnum sniper dart ammo :p

KnexMaster7000 (author)Skreetsha2009-07-16

sweeeet. i cant wait :)

King_Banana (author)2009-07-17

i did something like this with dsmans crossbow, without the limbs and with 5 barrels

I_am_Canadian (author)2009-07-17

LoL! I like it, I must say.

Killer~SafeCracker (author)2009-07-15

This is so much better then the original sipriani. Viccie you better get working. lol

I am working on the V3 Sipriani to keep up the competition between me and his modded Sip's. Lol, "Sip's".

DJ Radio (author)Skreetsha2009-07-17

cant wait.

hahahaha thanks :)

No problem. 5*

Oblivitus (author)2009-07-15

It's a pretty simple mod, but it's a very good one, good job.

DJ Radio (author)2009-07-15


ShotThroughTheFace (author)2009-07-14

wow this looks crazy. i prolly will build.

thanks. and you should build it... its powerful. fact... it wasnt made for shooting 3 bullets, it was made to hold more rubber bands. :) just sayin... lol

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