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Introduction: Gluten Free Triple Berry Galette Pi

About: I'm mother of two wonderful boys with several food allergies. My recipes will be free from: wheat, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts/coconut, sunflower, and sesame. I've learned so much in the past year and wo...

Great pie for any occasion. Galettes are a great and beautiful way to enjoy any pie. It's much simpler than you think. Start with your favorite filling and use a ready made crust. Or if you have time, make your own gluten free pie crust from scratch.

See more of my recipes at my blog. Find my Apple Galette and Savory Zucchini Galette

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Step 1: Ingredients

Easiest quickest way is to buy a ready made:
Gluten free pie mix
Regular Pie crust

Scratch gluten free:
- all purpose gluten free flour
- shortening
-cup milk of choice
- sugar + extra for sprinkling later
-tsp guar gum

bags organic mixed berries
-cup sugar
T cornstarch
T fresh lemon juice

Step 2: Dough and Berry Filling

Please visit my blog for more photos and directions. Petite Allergy Treats

Step 3: Flap Fold Crust, Bake and Enjoy

ENJOY! Please visit my blog for more photos and directions. Thank you !! Petite Allergy Treats



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    Also, what size of bag for the fruit, we freeze our own, so a measure would help, I'm not a great baker, but really want to try this, thanks!!!

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    Hi SnailCrawler,

    Thank you for bringing those to my attention. Completely forgot… 10 oz bags of fruit but it doesn't have to be exact. The guar gum is in teaspoons (tsp) you could also use xanthan gum if you have it.

    Hope you make this soon!

    What amount of guar gum do you use, 1 1/2 t or T ? Thanks.