This is my new hairstyle that I love

Step 1: Section

Section your hair into 3 parts

Step 2: Braid

Braid each section

Step 3: Triple Braid

Braid those sections together and you can hide the hair tie with a flower or something
Triple Triple braid mini-instructable:<br><br>1) Primary sectioning<br>section hair and put one section over each shoulder, leaving one behind your back.<br>2) Triple braiding<br>use above instructable once per section. start with center section, and then move the one you're working on behind your back.<br>3) Final braid<br>braid the triple braids together and tie off. be sure to hide the hair ties with something.
<p>Thought it was a little girl. So nice</p>
Is that a doll ?<br>
<p>Wow, pretty! </p>
Yes! Penolopy
<p>Very cute! Like in the Tangled movie!</p>
<p>Cute! :)</p>

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