Step 8: Is It Done Yet?

When the 20 minutes are up, check your cake with a toothpick.
If it comes out pretty much clean, it's done. If it comes out gooey and chocolatey, you stuck it in a chocolate chip and need to try again.
If it comes out gooey and doesn't look done and you'll need to judge this for yourself, then stick it back in for a few more minutes but keep and eye on it.

20 minutes has worked really well for me.

Place the cake pan on a rack to cool and continue cooking your other 2 pans in the same fashion.

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Best looking cake I've ever seen. The oreo idea sounds good Enriqueto.
This cake looks really awesome, I can't wait to try it! One thing that has been bothering me though, as I go through a lot of these cake recipies I notice that many if not most use boxed cake mix instead of making them from scratch. I am just wondering why? I live in the UK and was bought up to make cakes from scratch, is this a typically American habit?
It's quick, simple, comes out fluffier and moister than most homemade cakes, and you can get it pretty cheap. Home made would probably taste better.
I already made one...I add some cracked oreos (without the cream)...its easy and I made it in no time...its better with a glass of cold milk ...great snack...thank you bigwhitebear18
I've heard of applesauce being used, baby food carrots, and also pumpkin pie filling. Like bwb said, it will be more dense.. but the richness and taste will be great. I personally love a dense chocolate cake.... makes it seem that much more indulgent :)
This cake goes like a chocolate river through the mouth!<br /> Good one
Sounds very decadent.&nbsp; One tip, when I bake chocolate cakes, I use some cocoa powder instead of regular flour for the pans.&nbsp; Works the same as the flour, but leaves it brown instead of a light white film from the flour.&nbsp; Thanks for the recipe.
I love to bake, but unfortunately my boyfriend is allergic to eggs. I always want make him things (i'm pretty sure he would love this) but I can't. I was wondering if you know if it would be possible to substitute the two eggs for something else, like potato starch or a banana? Thanks!&nbsp;<br />
From what I'm reading and what I've worked with in the past, using bananas/applesauce/tofu will make the cake moist but denser. The starch seems like a pretty good idea, though I've never personally tried it.<br /> <br /> Now the baking queen, my mother, has a recipe for egg-less chocolate cake that says to substitute 2 teaspoons of vinegar for the 2 eggs. The vinegar will react with the baking powder to keep the cake fluffy.<br /> <br /> Mix all the other ingredients together (not the eggs),<br /> Quickly mix in the vinegar at the end but before the chocolate chips<br /> Quickly, fold in the chocolate chips, get the mixture into the pan(s) and bake it right away. A sheet cake will take less than an hour, a angel food cake pan will take approximately an hour, round pans will need to be cooked all at the same time.
You can get egg substitute products at health/whole food grocery stores. &nbsp;I am unable to recall the kind I used to use - apologies. &nbsp;They work well. &nbsp;Just be sure he's not allergic to any of the ingredients.&nbsp;
Thanks!&nbsp;Even if he can't eat it, I'm sure someone else will be able to!!!&nbsp;It looks delicious. Thanks again:)<br />
&nbsp;You're welcome. &nbsp;:o)
What a good idea: freezing the chocolate chips, in order that they finish up as gloops of chocolate in the finished cake.<br /> <br /> I'm now feeling hungry, off to make a &quot;Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake&quot;.
&nbsp;Actually, from my experience if you freeze the chocolate chips they stay pretty well set, unless the cake is served warmed. If you only&nbsp;refrigerate&nbsp;the chocolate chips they create better pockets of chocolate goo.<br /> Hope that helps.
<em>Dear God... </em><br /> This looks <strong>AWESOME.</strong><br /> :D<br />
This. Is. Awesome!<br />
Thank you. I hope you enjoy it. It's easy to make, cheap, and delicious.<br />
mmmm, chocolate! <br />

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