Triple-shot Crossbow




Introduction: Triple-shot Crossbow

About: I seem to like building crossbow shaped objects.

I know I just recycled the bow of the Ult. V2. I just stuck one on there for testing this odd trigger.
I couldn't believe it at first, but it actually works! =o
Also, this one has a safety.

I think most people can make it from the picture? If you do, just stick a random bow on it and don't forget to allign the wheels =d

This concept came from the selfdestructed 13-shot crossbow, which obviously failed a bit =d



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    Take a look at my Oodammo slingshots, they're very similar.

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    Yeah, just took a look at them. The idea looks pretty similar, but I made this one by even further trigger tweaking. I wonder if its possible to have a larger number of arrows/bullets with a normal trigger... These are things I made before, or at least tried to:

    4-arrow trigger 004 (Large).jpg100_4790 (Large).JPG100_4792 (Large).JPG

    That thing would be fully automatic!

    you should use a black/white rod for the part with the wheels.

    Funny thing is! That is a extra strong white rod xD

    Omg those must be very strong rubber bands, there are a few ways you can make it sturdier. Try replacing the spacers with connecters that are attatched to the bow.

    It could've been way sturdier, but I didn't figure the rubberbands were that strong. Its over 1 year old though and it got taken apart the same day =d Rubberbands are weak ones btw =x

    The second picture is crazy, haha, nice.