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Hello all! If you've seen Tentsile hammocks like the Stingray, vista and the connect tree tent you wanted it from the minute you saw it. I mean look at the pictures on the website how does that not look awesome? but unfortunately I wasn't in love with the price. being broke I have little money to spend on a tensile hammock that's why I decided to make my own Triple Tree Hammock.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Here is a list of the required materials to make a 15x15x15 net

Ropes- (it is best to use Static rope because it will stretch less when under wight)

  1. outer rope- 50ft of PMI E-Z Bend 11mm static rope. (found at REI)
  2. inner support rope- PMI 6mm accessory cord (found at REI sold in 52ft package so you need 2)
  3. netting- i used 550 type 3 para cord. (i purchased a 1,000ft spool on amazon. this will be more than enough for a 15x15x15 net)

Rigging- ( here you can use many different methods but useing 3 ratchet straps works well)

  1. Ratchet straps x3
  2. carabiner's x3

(the reason for using ratchet straps is to remove the sag that naturally couscous when it's under weight. if you are like me and have some climbing gear you could use GRIGRI'S, pulleys, slings, and carabiner's. I like using some climbing gear set the net really high in the air)

Other Materials- ( some other things you will need)

  1. Knife/scissors
  2. lighter
  3. hammer
  4. screw
  5. driver
  6. hacksaw/sawzall (for the ratchet straps)
  7. pliers
  8. good set of trees (you can use cheep rope from home depot but your net will stretch)

(you can use cheep rope from home depot but your net will stretch)

Step 2: Adding Carabiners (optional)

(this step is optional but if you have the extra time its worth it)

removing the hooks on the ratchet straps will make them lighter and safer. I also wanted to add auto locking carabiner's.

how to remove the hooks

  1. strip the plastic from the hook exposing the metal
  2. the trick is to make the space big enough to slid out the strap (be careful you don't damage the ratchet straps)
  3. connect the auto locking carabiners to the ratchet straps.

Step 3: Preparing the Outer Rope

We all know if we add 15+15+15 we get 45 right? well the reason for getting 50ft of PMI E-Z Bend rope for the outer rope is when you tie the knots at each corner it would take rope that is need to make each side 15ft. I always get a little extra rope. (bellow are the steps to prepare the outer rope)

  1. take your 50ft of PMI E-Z bend and dived it into three equal sections.
  2. tie two overhand loops, one at each end. ( 2 total)
  3. tie an overhand knot for your anchor point at the final end. (1 total)

Step 4: Connecting to the Tree

Next we need to connect the net to the trees so we can being to weave.

  1. connect you ratchet straps to the net
  2. connect your ratchet straps to the trees
  3. tighten the ratchet straps on each corner so that way the net gets tight. (you want the ratchet straps tight but, not overly tight)

Step 5: Weaveing the Net.

    next we need to add some cord that is thicker than the para cord to give a little more support to the net.

    1. tie a to the middle on one side of the net.
    2. from there you want to go across to the opposite side of the net and so on until you have used up all the 6mm accessory cord.
    3. cut a small piece of para cord 550 about 10 ft. tie a clove hitch on outer rope and begin to weave the net. work your way across the net until you have an even pattern. if any line cross in the middle of the net connect them with clove hitches
    4. cut and burn the ends so they don't fray.

    (you want to leave a little extra rope so you can tie an overhand knot around the clove hitch just a a back up. do this at the begging and end of each piece of cord.)

    Step 6: Its Complete!

    It's done, go out and enjoy your new triple tree net! (After a few uses I allays go back and add more para cord 550 once the net has stretched out a bit.) please share your photos if you make a net!

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    What is the weight that this design can hold? it looks strong but i would like to get multiple people "hanging" (lol) out together on it.

    i love the idea and i would for sure make one


    WOW, I love the idea. you must have a lot of patience to make that. Thanks for sharing

    Yes right after "Inspiration" comes "Budgetary Limitations" as another Mother of Invention. Great job! Good luck!

    Making the 15x15x15 triangle, I get the 2 overhand loops but how did you do the two loose ends?

    3 replies

    i tied the to together with with an overhand not. i have been testing it for a mouth now and the net has held 5 people with no problem.

    I took both ends and made a bowline with them and it seems to work well, waiting for my parachord to show up and I can finish!

    i would love to see how it turns out please post a picture when you finish. that would be awesome!

    What is the maximum weight load of the net?

    1 reply

    the net its self can can hold alot of wight, if you use good static rope and 550 paracord. but the over all weight depends on the ratchet straps you use. the ones i picked had a load limit of 700 pounds.

    I love it man! Definitely want to make one, thanks for the tutorial! :)

    This looks amazing. I wish I had the room to make a large one as you pictured where I live in London but I will for sure make a smaller one to fit a small London garden. Thanks for sharing.

    Nice tutorial! I've also made one similar to this at my camp, however it is much bigger and uses thicker ropes. I like the idea of using ratchets to tighten it up though.

    Photo 2014-09-03, 2 20 34 PM.jpg
    1 reply

    I want to do this one!!! I have a perfect place in my yard

    We did this as kids with old nylon trawling nets found on the beach, they are already evenly spaced at 3 to 4 inches. They were great fun as a makeshift trampoline.

    this looks awesome and hopefully affordable to make?. have you tested the max weight yet?.

    love this! totally doing it in August. one idea for the weaving: look up a tutorial on how to make a dream catcher - so simple and won't leave big gaps or lose cords anywhere because it pulls it right as you weave and there are no uncomfortable knots beneath your back. :)