An extremely simple, cheap and practical lamp for when you are trying to draw and your own shadow is bothering you. also good as an adjustable reading lamp. I didn't actually need tools to make it.

The idea is the main thing, because it's not much to put together.
-Lampshade (purchased at flea market for $1.99)
-Small Tripod (free from a friend, but $20 at radioshack)

Step 1: Lefty Loosey

Tighten the crank on the side of the tripod. Then turn the entire camera platform counterclockwise.

Step 2: Righty Tighty

Place your light on the bare bolt, and screw the platform back on. TA-DA!

mine is anywhere from 1-5 feet tall, basically it's not more useful than a levering desktop lamp, but it looks pretty cool and can be set up all kinds of places. I'm debating mounting the legs to the ceiling, just because.
i found this old tripod used in WWII at an old barn
I made a temporary one of these. It's just a clip-on desk lamp attached to one of my tripods with masking tape to keep it stable. Super simple. However, yours is a good permanent version. they look so cool I might make one to keep.
Good one
This is a great and simple idea I'm seriously going to look into it.
post me a picture if you do, please.
hooooo!!! coool!! I like it!

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