Tripod Desk Lamp





Introduction: Tripod Desk Lamp

An extremely simple, cheap and practical lamp for when you are trying to draw and your own shadow is bothering you. also good as an adjustable reading lamp. I didn't actually need tools to make it.

The idea is the main thing, because it's not much to put together.
-Lampshade (purchased at flea market for $1.99)
-Small Tripod (free from a friend, but $20 at radioshack)

Step 1: Lefty Loosey

Tighten the crank on the side of the tripod. Then turn the entire camera platform counterclockwise.

Step 2: Righty Tighty

Place your light on the bare bolt, and screw the platform back on. TA-DA!

mine is anywhere from 1-5 feet tall, basically it's not more useful than a levering desktop lamp, but it looks pretty cool and can be set up all kinds of places. I'm debating mounting the legs to the ceiling, just because.



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    i found this old tripod used in WWII at an old barn

    I made a temporary one of these. It's just a clip-on desk lamp attached to one of my tripods with masking tape to keep it stable. Super simple. However, yours is a good permanent version. they look so cool I might make one to keep.

    This is a great and simple idea I'm seriously going to look into it.

    hooooo!!! coool!! I like it!