Step 3: Clamp Together and Cut Out the Wing Nut Holes

Before we glue everything together, we need to cut out some holes so that the wing nuts can secure directly to the steel plate (in the plane of the base board). Decide where you want the two holes and then clamp all your boards together. 1 1/2in provides enough clearance for the 3/8ths in wing nut and 1 1/4in is big enough for the 1/4-20 wing nut.

Note that mounting these holes away from the center of the board is not a bad idea since the center of gravity of your computer will be offset to one side when the screen is raised.
<p>This tut just triggered so many ideas :D! Thanks for the inspiration.</p>
Tripods are so cheap now, probably cist more to get a replacement plate, (atleast around here. You deffinately need more than the 1 1/4 inch bolt flanged to the laptop based. I will progab,y drill extra holes and add extra screws. The little test setup I did. Just did not cut it.,
That does look useful.<br>If you have a tripod with a quick release mount then you could machine a replica mount to be permanently and securely fixed to the baseboard. That would make for easier assembly. <br><br>Another thought - if the laptop is going to be clamped to a foam mat it may be worth having some ventilation holes in the baseboard and mat that match up with those in the laptop.<br>
<em>&quot;Thanks to mikeasaurus for his version, and I hope the 'ibles community keeps on improving and modding this idea!&quot;</em><br /> <br /> Me too!&nbsp;

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