Step 5: Make clamp pieces

Picture of Make clamp pieces
While the glue is drying (ideally 24 hours or overnight), you can make the clamps. You'll want to cut 2 pieces of your extruded aluminum and then shape them however you find aesthetically pleasing and practical with the grinder. I made mine about 2 in long with rounded corners- pretty straight-forward.

Now you'll want to drill out a hole for in one side of the clamp. Note that you want this hole to be aligned with the tee nut when it is embedded near the edge of the baseboard, about 1/4in in from the open side in my case.

Next, you'll want to cut a length of 1/4 20 threaded rod so that it can be screwed all the way into the knob, go through hole you just dilled, through a nut, and through the tee nut. Also, make it short enough so that it doesn't stick out about the baseboard surface. For me, the end of the tee nut was just below the surface of the baseboard.

Finally, cut a small piece of foam to glue to the top of the clamp so that it doesn't mar the surface of your computer.