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Introduction: Tripod Pills

I've this idea when I didn't found nothing to fit my needs: a tripod to my cellphone.

This phone have a nice 2.0 mp camera but there is no hole to screw a conventional tripod base.

You will need just:
- cd marker
- cutter
- empty vitamins flask
- an optional saws.

Watch out! Do not cut your hands with cutter. It's quite easy to forget your finger in the path when you are cutting flasks.

Step 1: Marking

Using a cd marker pen cross out a cross on flask surface as wide as your cellphone dimension

Step 2: Cutting

Cut on marks and fine tune the borders of the holes. At this point do some fitting tests, putting cellphone in the holes. Tip: the plastic can be sharp and scratch your phone or cut your fingers. Pay attention. Move smoothly.

Step 3: Flask Dividing

At this point I prefer be using saws. Some borders of the flask are to much strong and using a cutter could slip in the middle of flask and ruinning the job. Tip: It is better puts the top cover before starts sawing. It turns flask structure more tight and hard. This resistence is welcome when sawing.

Step 4: Finishing

That's it. Enjoy your new tripod and use with automatic trigger. Now it's time to you shows up in your own photos.

Tip: it can be used as cellphone craddle (rest base), when not in use. Using it this way hints one to not take it for recycle garbage on housekeeping (:-)



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    surely it would be just as easy to rest it on the table...?

    5 replies

    take a look ...


    the tripod is in the back on the left of the laptop.

    so... you're showing us this pic, as a superior alternative to this quick instructable, which contains evidence that a) a cellphone is hidding in this image and we must find it, in a traditional "find wally" style, or b) there is no cell phone here and precious seconds of hunting around this image have been lost, along with the time it has taken me to write this purposefully time-wasting comment?

    Yep ! On an organized desktop, for sure! I'm always losing mine under other gadgets spread around. Another point: my table is a bit hard and dusty... Easy to scratch things like that. Trust me, it really help keep that in front of me ! Ugly things are easy to target. hehehe. Thx for your comment

    [ *cough*]

    You could use an empty pack of cigarettes. Just stick the phone in it.

    1 reply

    Yeah. Good idea... But cigarettes are bad for health. I'm not a smoker and the guy who take those flickers was my 10 age son... Wathever I don't want to be a bad influence and promote cigarettes here. Thx for your suggestion. (Maybe I will try an empty candy box next time :-)

    Wow! This is really cool. I just wish i had a cell phone........

    Why is this in the cake contest?? I just don't get why. Very nice otherwise tho!

    1 reply

    My fault... Because of fast reading and click... I guessed it was a contest to "receive" a cake. (:-P) So I can't figure out how to eliminate my participation. Can somebody help me do? Please forgive my lack of attention.

    Clever idea. A very modern tripod too.

    hhaha mmmmm tasty!. good instructable though but a high risk of chopping your finger off when working with thick plaastic

    oh i thought you were making some sort of adapter so that you could use your phone on a tripod lol cool idea :D

    Cool! Nice Instructable! Great Job!