Introduction: Tripod Trick

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is your camera crooked on your tripod? Well heres a tip for you.

Step 1: Secret Latch

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In order to get your camera straight you need to find the secret latch on your camera. once you find this, pull it and the part of the tripod that you set your camera on will come off.

Step 2: Bolt Hunting

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Now that you have this off you need to locate the bolt that holds the camera in place.

Step 3:

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When you find this you need to find the bolt handel and pull it up.

Step 4: Tripod Latch

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Now that you have done this you can tighten and losen the camera screw.

Step 5: Tighten and Loosen

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Now all you need to do now is to line up your camera and the tripod bolt and use the bolt handel to tighten the bolt. Your camera is now straight.

Step 6: Flip It Down

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Now just flip the bolt latch down.

Step 7: Reattach

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put your camera back on the tripod using the secret latch.

Step 8: You Are All Done!

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now you have a straight camera and you are ready to film! now get out there and have fun.


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