Any thing that is three legged is a tripod. That is why most camera holders are called 'tripod' because they have three legs to support the camera to get nice clean pictures. Sometimes we mistakenly use the word tripod for other things, like the string tripod is really not an tripod, because there is only one string used as a 'leg', so it should be probably called 'monopod sting'!

Check out some of those great DIY tripod Instructables!

String Tripod style
This is an old photographers trick - here is my design. Sometimes referred to as a string tripod or string bipod or string monopod. Also known as a chain tripod, bipod, etc... This device is used to s...
Make your own Gorilla Pod style
The title says it all. If your unfamiliar with gorilla pods, they are tripods made with bendable coolant hose also known as segmented hose. They cost $22 to $55 to buy, but you can make your own for o...
Tennis Ball Tripod style
Recycle a dead tennis ball into a pocket camera tripod.Get sharp photos using a wall, fence, tree branch, door, car hood, bamboo pole, or a signpost.Velcro, bungee or hang from a suction cup with the ...
The Hands Free Bicycle Camera Tripod style
I like to ride my bicycle. I also like photography. Combining photography and bicycles doesn't always work though. If you don't have any large pockets in your clothing you have the problem of stori...
Make a shoulder strap for your tripod style
This idea was inspired by my Mother; I was lugging my tripod around Southend, and she asked why I didn't have some kind of handle for it. She thought I might somehow be able to attach a strap from a b...
Final Touches style
No soup for you.
A giant camera tripod on the cheap style
Ever want a really big tripod, but not willing to spend the $200+ on one? Well, now you can make your own for less than $30 that will stand eight feet high in less than an hour! What You'll Need 1 tw...
How to make a Tripod out of a 2 liter style
How to make a 2 liter soda bottle into a "tripod".