Easy to make and cool to look at!

Step 1: Layout

The Amazing Paper

Dimensions For Layout

-Single square 4 and 1/2 inches
-Double square 2 inches
-Quad square 1 inch
-Octo square 1/2 inch
-Middle of single square to be drawn on 5.5 inch line (dead center of paper)


-Blank Paper
-Good Music

Step 2: Fold

Fold down center line

Step 3: Start Cutting

Cut along lines

Step 4: Inward Fold

Now unfold paper and fold newly created flap inside paper

Step 5: Continue Cutting

Now cut along smaller square lines and repeat inward folding step.

Step 6: Continue Cutting

Repeat for next square

Step 7: Almost Done

Repeat cutting and folding step for smaller square

Step 8: Done!

Straighten out any bad folds and your done. Decorate it, do whatever, do some trippy drugs and paint it cool.

Show me what you do with it.
can we just print out the layouts?
Yeah- that'd be a good idea- maybe someone with CAD or Illustrator could do up an SVG?<br />
<p>I made one.. </p>
<p>I did one with UV responsive paper. Looks pretty cool. I may just do more of them and stick them together. Will post pix if I do so. :) Thanks for the good idea.</p>
After making you model from tis instructable i went on to make another similar one. Great work .
Some years ago I've downloaded a (free) program that will PRINT almost ANY SHAPE using this tecnique, using your printer and a standard A4 paper to be fold and cut. Very very neat for unusual postards & letters! ciao! Mario
What program? -PKT
I think that it is peperkura
one word <em>template</em><br/>
Nice! You should try different designs. -PKT
Very cool, I have to try this, thanks.
mine didnt turn out well :/ oh well i guess its pretty cool
You could make a template with photoshop or something to improve it and make it easier to carry this instructable out.
What the heck please? At least please make please a template please before you please make a please instructpleaseable!!! (LOL!!! It says be nice!!!)
Nvm my other comment didn't go on lol
Oh, nvm... Lol sorry!!! I apoligize like 20 times
Nice effect - would have looked better without the red pen though! Cheers, Pat. Pending
Presumably you could reverse fold all the creases when you're finished to make it pop out in the other direction.
If you reversed all the creases, wouldn't it just be a flat piece of paper again?
No because you would reverse the center crease as well.
Because I'm not at all delaying going to work I decided to whip one of these up to explain myself more clearly. The first picture is the front side, done just as, sigh, Riotstarter_13 describes. The second is the same piece of paper folded backwards: same three-dimensional pattern but without pen marks (you'll notice, and undoubtedly appreciate, the fact that since I was demonstrating the reverse of this Instructable I decided to use pink paper and a black pen). Additionally, I banged out a GIF of the fold pattern for anyone so inclined (just print it out and cut away). Also attached is the source Photoshop file. Finally, since it's a little early in the day for me to be taking "some trippy drugs" I Photoshopped a psychedelic version to look at while I drink my coffee.
Oh sorry I had something totally different pictured in my head when you said 'pop out the other direction'... Someone should scale this up into stairs or garden architecture...
vaxjo thats really sick dude
Yay, fractals! Spookily, I designed a template for a kite that looks a lot like this. Maybe I'll post the triangular one instead.
wicked dude, sure theres lots of possibilitites
or you can get the 3d paper card software from Tama soft ;)

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