This is a banquette in our kitchen constructed with two Ikea Trofast bookshelf/storage units laid on their side. One unit was cut in half to fit the smaller wall. We sanded, primed, and painted them white, and permanently attached some of the shelves with screws. The units themselves are almost perfect for seating as far as height and width is concerned. At the moment the units are simply pushed together against the wall. They are heavy enough that they don't move around, though it would be fairly easy to connect them in the dead space in the corner for a more solid single piece.

The cushions are 2" fairly dense foam purchased from a local foam shop, cut to fit exactly. We found some cool patterned fabric, and with some basic fiberboard from Home Depot cut to the same dimensions, we stapled the fabric underneath.

The cubbies now have some simple baskets in them for storage, mostly used for drawing and craft material for our kids.

Total cost was roughly $350. The Trofast units were about $90 each, the foam was $120, the fabric was only around $20, plus we bought high quality paint from Benjamin Moore and few other incidentals.

Step 1: Get the Trofast Units From Your Local Ikea.

Obviously you'll need to measure your space. We were lucky enough to have room for one whole and one half unit in the corner.

Initially we thought about using a few of the units that already sit flat for wall or floor storage, like these:


but when we went to Ikea and took some measurements, we ended up with two of these instead:


My guess is that any of these would work out, though you may not be able to mix and match if the heights and depths don't align.
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Ok, added about as much as I can.
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I broke it out into the steps I took overall. Unfortunately I didn't take man any in progress pictures, but I'm adding one right now.
<p>Great idea! I want to add that if you ever decide to make these foam pads again. You can buy a queen size memmory foam topper from walmart for $15-20 bucks. To shape them you can use an electric carving knife and smooth the edges. Make it an easier fold for your fabric to go over. I'm definetly going to try this idea though. </p><p>You can also make your own trofast bins, try this plan: <a href="http://ana-white.com/2011/09/ikea-trofast-toy-bin-storage-hacked-playroom-project-1" rel="nofollow">http://ana-white.com/2011/09/ikea-trofast-toy-bin-...</a></p>
I love it!!! Just what I have been wanting to do in my bathroom! Im making one this weekend! Thanks! btw what is the height of it exactly?
Amazing project ! Well done.

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