Introduction: Trogdor (the Burninator) Paper Mache Sculpture

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Trogdor is a man. I mean, he is a dragon-man. Or maybe he is just a dragon. But he's still Trogdor!

Following the easy step by step instructions in the above video, I first learned how to draw Trogdor (the Burninator). Then, using a very easy sculpture technique, I learned how to paper mache Trogdor (the Burninator).

Starting with a wire coat hanger bent into an S, I used masking tape and newspaper to build up the rough body of Trogdor, After his basic shape was hammered out, I applied paper mache and smaller bits of tape/paper to define the shape. The eyes and brow are small balls of paper mache stuck on with paper clips. The teeth and spikes are pieces of cardstock.

Trogdor is a creation of The Brothers Chaps at


mikeasaurus (author)2012-06-06

Burninating the countryside!

ShadyLogic (author)mikeasaurus2012-06-07

Burninating the peasants!

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