Picture of TrollLight..what is it?

Trolls are cute! You can update your Troll so that it light- ups with LEDs! They can then be used as nightlights, bath toys, Christmas or Halloween ornaments as well as necklaces. Come take this journey and learn to use new materials (ShapeLock) that make this project fun and easy. This instructable describes how to make an ornament/necklace Troll(but you can just make the standing Troll as shown in this image without a way to hang it if you like!)

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Step 1: Prepare your materials

Picture of Prepare your materials
ShapeLock comes as pellets.  Start with about 4 (piled up high) tablespoons of this material. Place it in a ceramic cup of water so that is submersed.

Step 2: Prepare your Troll

Picture of Prepare your Troll

Remove the Troll hair by pulling it off. 

Step 3: Troll Body Prep

Picture of Troll Body Prep

Add at least 4 pennies to weigh down the troll. This will allow the Troll to stand if you want it to. Also it give it a jingle when you shake it!

Step 4: Wire/Necklace Choices

Picture of Wire/Necklace Choices

Any size wire or necklace can be added to the Troll so that it can become an ornament or necklace charm. In this example 22 gauge electrical red wire was cut and twisted together to form a loop.  The lenght of the wire depends on your choice of use. You may want to make it long enough to go over your head if you are making a necklace for a RAVE concert!

Step 5: Plan

Picture of Plan

Decide where you want the wire placed. It is best to have it in the head area with the twisted wire as shown.

Step 6: LED Sphere and where it goes

Picture of LED Sphere and where it goes

This step is a planning step as well. Place LED sphere on Troll head so that the on/off button is accessible on back of head. Decide which button position works best for your finger size.  Practice this step. You may need another person to hold the wire when you have the melted ShapLock ready since this step is difficult to do alone. Now its time to get the ShapeLock ready.

Its nicki minaj hair!
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Congratulations on your first Instructable! You should mention it on the Rewards for New Authors page!
I think Scoochmaroo knows about this one already (check the Info box) :-)
l8nite2 years ago
I've never seen this shapelock, it looks like FUN ! Welcome to the world of Instructables posters !