Picture of Trolley with fruit box
Hello This car was made using a box of fruit that would go straight to the trash.

I hope this creation can serve as an idea for you also recycle this material.

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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:

- A box of fruit;

- A wooden board *

I used a cutting mdf that I had at home and made the wheels with a saw. But the wheels can be made using the side of another wooden box.

- Nails (about 16 units);

- White glue;

- Sanding wood;

- Popsicle sticks (about 38);

- 20 sows;

- 8 washers;

- Threaded rod about 45 cm. Cut into three parts: two 20cm and one of five (I bought this rod at hardware stores. It is like a screw head);

- Paint, glue, etc. ....

Step 2: Assembling

Picture of Assembling

Disassemble the parts and sanding, removing splinters. Be careful because the slats can break thinner at the edges where they were set previously. If this happens, these tips can be sawn.

After sanding, the pieces are already in a very good finish.

Assemble the box, taking care to nail the strips slowly and only small nail can split. I preached exactly where the clips had before. They were very firm.

This box was already without two slats that sit over. So, I glued some Popsicle sticks close to the bottom of the cart. was a good alternative.

Step 3: Weels

Picture of Weels
The wheels I made using a drill with a saw cup. They were some flaws that were fixed by sanding them.

- With the smaller piece of metal rod, held the wheels with the help of nuts and washers, as stated and put into the drill. Just plug the drill and hit the edges with the help of sandpaper.
copilarim3 years ago
i like the result very much:D. i've also made a bed from reused materials:) - these things turn out pretty cool:)