Hello This car was made using a box of fruit that would go straight to the trash.

I hope this creation can serve as an idea for you also recycle this material.

Step 1: Materials:

- A box of fruit;

- A wooden board *

I used a cutting mdf that I had at home and made the wheels with a saw. But the wheels can be made using the side of another wooden box.

- Nails (about 16 units);

- White glue;

- Sanding wood;

- Popsicle sticks (about 38);

- 20 sows;

- 8 washers;

- Threaded rod about 45 cm. Cut into three parts: two 20cm and one of five (I bought this rod at hardware stores. It is like a screw head);

- Paint, glue, etc. ....
i like the result very much:D. i've also made a bed from reused materials:) - these things turn out pretty cool:)

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