Picture of Trompe L'oeil Airbrush Murals
Here's an airbrush mural project I did for an office that had no interior windows in the reception area.  The owner wanted to give the feeling of openness but also wanted an artistic impression, not a photorealistic trompe l'oeil (trick the eye).  I used a Badger airbrush and home made stencils for this project.  A laser cutter would be ideal for cutting out stencils for detailed projects.  

Canvas-to hang on the french doors and on the wall( i used pre-stretched gessoed canvas from Michael's)
Paint-Acrylic artists paints that were dilluted
Frames-2x2 pine was used
Trim-window casing was used here.
1x3's for window frame
Wire & picture hangers.
Cardboard stencils-home made

Step 1: Sketch out design

Picture of Sketch out design
I took the canvases directly to the office and taped them up in place.  I wanted to get the proper perspective by standing in the middle of the room where most people would see the murals from.  The idea was that the two doors would lead out to a balcony and on the right side there would be a window looking out on the Chicago shore line.  So I eyed up the vanishing points and did a quick overall sketch while the canvases were in place.  Then I took them home and hung them up in my garage in the same position as they would be in the office.  
randomray1 year ago
Sweet . I don't know how to use an airbrush but this gives me an idea where to start . Thanks for posting .
ecsaul232 years ago
Huge improvement in the space for sure! way to go!
joelhunn2 years ago
Well done! I've been wrestling with a similar problem in a "dungeon" basement...Would love to do this, but for the requirement Kenbob pointed out :) Thanks for posting
fantastico parabéms artista digno de Salvador Dali
Phiske (author)  marcosrocha20032 years ago
Muchisimas gracias! Es mi artista preferida aunque fue muy egoísta pero un genio.
kenbob2 years ago
step 0, be an artist:) I love this! great job.
Phiske (author)  kenbob2 years ago
he he...thanks for the compliment.
mgin22 years ago
This is amazing. Truly gives off that open feel the owner was probably going for :) Nice work!!
Phiske (author)  mgin22 years ago
Mil gracias!
That is beautiful! Amazing job!