Picture of Tron Castor's Cane
So after watching a youtube video and reading some forums I wanted to post on instructables how to make your own Castor's Cane from Tron.

Step 1: Whats needed

Picture of Whats needed
1. 1" Clear extruded Acrylic Rod http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=37958&catid=440
2. Small LED flashlight 
3. Conventional Oven (Also I read a heat gun could be an alternative option)
4. Vice Grip
5. Work Gloves 
6. PVC Pipe 1-1/4" or possibly 1"
7. Drill and screws
8. Tool to cut a screw
9. Paints: Base coat black/gray and Silver or Metallic 2nd coat
HrdWodFlor2 years ago
Very cool and so easy.
Projectboy (author)  HrdWodFlor2 years ago
Yea the hardest part is just knowing where to order the acrylic rod.