A few weeks ago I posted an instructable on making the Tron Legacy Clu helmet. This is my second and final installation on the actual costume part of this project. There are many different ways this costume could be made, but I chose a low cost version that turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. 

You can find my instructable on the Tron Legacy helmet here:

I initially purchased 30' of el wire from http://www.thatscoolwire.com with a 9 volt inverter box. This costume turned out to need a lot more wire then I had initially planned and ended up only being able to make the top half of the costume.

Step 1: Supplies List


El wire (I had about 29 feet left after the helmet)
Black Jeans
Black long sleeve shirt
Blue painters tape
Fishing wire, preferably thin
Gaff tape
Heat shrink tubing


Sewing needle (need to be able to fit the fishing wire through it)
Wire cutters
Wire Strippers
Soldering Iron
"Helping Hands" (they help a lot when soldering the angle wire)
Wire (I used 20 gauge)

I wanna make a costume out of glow sticks<br>any ideas<br><br>please post ible or pics!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>:)
hot glue the sticks on
i just saw tron and i love it, i want to make this costume right now!!
omg i want to do it!!!
Nice. Although I would prefer using el tape and double leather coat... And leather pants. Double leather so it would look as if the tape and wires are actually meld into the leather jacket. (Only the parts close to the lights)<br><br>And have some leather thing on your neck. Gloves are very easy to do... Only the index is covered.<br><br>Combining el tape and el wire is a very good way to make it really look as if you were an extra from the movie. the el tape being at the minor lights (like the boot parts)<br><br>I'm already sketching my design but I'm gonna have to wait till I get my Secondary School results and get into college.... so I can get allowance to buy stuff lol
i swear i will make this costume for Halloween, i think ill need a lot of help, i wanna look just like the girl :D
i swear i will make this costume for Halloween, i think ill need a lot of help, i wanna look just like the girl :D
Thank you very much!<br><br>I would like to make this costume again with thicker wire and a stiffer material such as a wetsuit so be on the look out for an updated instructable.
absolute awesomeness! :)) <br>well done! i was just thinking these days how could I make the tron suit, you made it great. <br>+1 for the stiffer suit ;)<br>
Nice! this goes great with the helmet. Also great pics, i like the full body one with the guy holding the disc. anyways fist comment and rate! <br>p.s. i voted for you in the contest.
That's from the movie.
yeah i know, i still like it though, and the costume.
Oh, I didn't know if you realized. The costume did turn out great, though.
Well thank you to the both of you.
Hey man this is an awsome costume.but when i make my own, i would use EL tapes. I think EL wires are too thin. EL tapes are also cheap.
You're completely correct, in fact I had known about the tapes and wanted to use them before making this project. <br><br>I may be doing this again and using the tapes plus a much thicker material for the actual suit. As you stated the tapes are actually what they used for the TRON legacy costumes in the movie. So the results would turn out way way better then they did here.<br><br>Thanks for the compliments as well.
damn, I really wish I found this ible at the beginning of november so I could've made it in time for the midnight premier. I guess I'll have to settle with my identity disc and glowing heartless insignia on the back of my vest.
Great costume, when I saw the EL wires the first time I thought &quot;they're perfect for a Tron suit&quot;, and you did it!<br><br>I have a suggestion: Have you tried using a turtle-neck shirt? I think it would improve the result, but not meking it more expensive.<br><br>Also, a pair of gloves would be nice too!<br><br>I'm voting for you in the contest, good job!

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