Introduction: Tron Urn (Quorra's Derezzed Arm)

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I wanted to make something Tron so I thought I should make a Tron urn to remember the derezzed characters.

I'm a huge fan of Olivia Wilde so I decided to make "Quorra's derezzed arm".

Step 1: Materials

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To make a Derezzed program you'll need:

-A container
-Plastic pebble things (I got mine at a dollar store. You can probably find it in a craft store or flower arangement shop)

Step 2: Container Sizes

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My container is from a light bulb.

In Tron: Legacy, it's about 1/3 particles remaining. So if it's an entire person, your container should be big enough to hold 1/3 the size of a program in plastic pebble things. 

Step 3: Fill

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Fill the container with the plastic pebbles. Use any colour scheme you want.

I didn't like the lighter blue because it was too green. The other was too dark. So I mixed them.

The colour depends on the circutry of the derezzed program. Red or orange would be the millitary and blue being standard programs. White would be a siren. ( Not a user cus users can't be derezzed. They just die.)

Step 4: Enjoy

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Place it beside your other Tron/geeky stuff, enjoy, and remember the fallen. Or in my case, the fallen arm of Quorra.


jgfresh (author)2012-10-14

you should have lit it fromthe bottom. it would give it that tron glow

aholmes2 (author)2011-11-06

I like it. Cute idea.

lukas86 (author)2011-04-14

Just trying to work out why you posted how to fill an empty container with some shiny pebbles...

rix_101 (author)lukas862011-04-14

It's sorta an inside joke. And so you can remember your fallen progams. RIP CASTOR!

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