Tron. Daft Punk El Wire Suit!


Introduction: Tron. Daft Punk El Wire Suit!

Tron. daft punk el wire suit!

I laid my design out with yellow yarn, then ordered around 100ft of el wire. The color i chose was red-orange. I hand sewed the wire to a leather jacket and regular denim jeans with finishing line. Glue will not work. I learned the hard way. i used 2 power inverters and 16 AA battery to power the suit. The helmet was made from clay then a mold was made. I poured the helmet with smooth cast plastic resin. Then i used hot melt glue to attached el wire to helmet



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    Very cool design! noteper light show can be made steeper controlled ipad

    Well If you don't want to get sued but still want to make it here is a site that sells huge amounts of EL Wire

    Although you may need to MacGyver your costume a little.

    *license *acquiring *sued *trouble. Also be sure to get acquainted with the prop selling community, because we sell stuff, alot.

    though this is really cool. you cant sell it with out aquiring a licesnce from the patent holder or you are liable to get suied. trust me just got in a lot of troble recently. DO NOT PLAN TO SELL THIS CLOTHING!