Picture of Trophy (ZOMBIE) Husband
Zombie & Records 072.JPG
Zombie & Records 073.JPG
Zombie & Records 074.JPG
I had to kill him.

An attack to the back of the head brought him down but in order to destroy his brain, the sides of his neck, head, and nose took a beating.  With minimal time I was able to salvage my infected husband's head and create a reproduction based on his last appearance on earth.

While the rotting undead can be difficult to kill, I imagine any salvaged head (other than what remains in a wood chipper) can be mounted as a prize winning trophy using this technique.  Follow me as I show you how I did it...

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
Unknown to me at the time, effective ways to kill a Zombie include:
  • Light 'em on fire
  • Smash it's head in a convection oven while it's on
  • Run over it with a car
  • Apply a .308 Winchester to the head
  • Various Chainsaw techniques
  • Starve the undead out
  • Trap in a pit of concrete
  • Put the Zombie through a wood chipper
In my struggle with my ex-sweetie, none of the above were available to me so I improvised with what was on hand, which included a pair of sewing scissors, a forked weed puller, a box cutter and a broken broom handle.

In order to best represent my ex-lover's head I therefore used:
  • Styrofoam Head (available locally from a Beauty Supply store or online through Amazon)
  • Sharp Knife
  • Tissue Paper, cut into 1-2" strips
  • White Glue and an equal amount of Water
  • Acrylic Paints and Brush
  • Cotton balls/batting 
  • Two Marbles
  • Halloween/Hillbilly Teeth
  • Hot Glue Gun 
  • Cardboard and Woodgrain Contact Paper (or Plywood) - apx 12"x15"
  • 5-6 long Deck Screws
  • Picture Hanger (optional)
  • Box Cutter Blade (optional)
  • Glossy Spray (optional)

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If I was a bad guy breaking into your home and saw that. I would walk the (curse word) back out that window and fast!

MKM1 year ago
Wow....this is scary just seeing it on this site...I can't imagine seeing it in "person."
Your very smart, I was going to do almost the same project but you beat me to it. I was going to take the same styrofoam head and use like modeling clay to do the same thing. Then I was going to enter it in the zombie contest but I would hate to be accused of copying and you would have beat me anyway so I'm not entering. Great job, I voted for you hope you win
Hey, since this wasn't exactly a tutorial, you should enter anyway. P.S. Use fauxtex instead of clay. It stay supple like real flesh.
kcli (author)  swagintodaclub1 year ago
Thank you for your kind words. I too had been planning on making this for several months and the zombie contest is exactly what I needed to get started on it.

Feel free to enter your would be great to see how it looks in clay!
That's pretty realistic coloring. Ugh.
michael631 year ago
Thats really awesome you have a great talent!
kcli (author)  michael631 year ago husband wasn't too happy but he'll get over it!
GREAT tutorial! I think I want to make the head coming out of the ground with hands showing, like a body climbing up from a grave.

And the head idea is great for the skeleton I want to make.
kcli (author)  msminnamouse1 year ago
Fun...I hope you'll consider documenting and writing up an instructable of it for their next Halloween contest!
kcli (author)  FlatLinerMEDIC1 year ago
...and decay proof!

Thanks for commenting!
never mind sorry for bothering you
good idea! but how do you enter the contest? every time i select the contest i want but i dosent have the vote thing :(
reminds me of the walking dead. cool instructible:)
kcli (author)  mind.the.gap1 year ago
...great show! Thanks for the compliment.

I did this like twenty times for gag gifts I told my brother (because my dad was away on a business trip) that zombies got to him and we actually had a funeral it was a surprise to him when dad walked in the next day
kcli (author)  charlieanderin1 year ago
ha...and i thought my brother was a fink (when he insisted that I was adopted and my parents were thinking about giving me back unless I gave him my allowance that week)
So voting it's creepy and scary but cool and disturbing at the same time
kcli (author)  charlieanderin1 year ago
Ah ha...glad I channeled your inner creature feature.

Thanks for your vote!
ella101 year ago
Ewwwwww!!.....scary but cool
kcli (author)  ella101 year ago
Perfecto...I consider both adjectives as compliments. Thanks!
Hilarious. Your i'ble is hilarious. You have my vote.
kcli (author)  donedirtcheap1 year ago
Thanks...I wanted to tell you yesterday that you got mine too but didn't want it to look like I was pandering for votes. Good luck!
sorry about your husband.........but then again it is kill or be killed........or is it decapitate ore be decapitaded? voted
kcli (author)  antibobthebuilder1 year ago feelings exactly (except for the condolences).

Besides, he was starting to smell and I was getting tired of killing flies.

Thanks for the vote!
sorry about your husband.........but then again it is kill or be killed........or is it decapitate ore be decapitaded? voted
I would love to do this. I also had the idea of clay. My mom was a taxidermist for many years. You take a mold of let's say a deer. It doesn't come with all the muscles and vanes look. So you have to recreate them with clay. And on top of that my wife wants to be a forensic anthropologist. So I was thinking about using the same techniques they do with depth pegs to get the skin and flesh just right. If you use fake skulls I would do this with that.
kcli (author)  redfoxtrystman1 year ago
Wow...I would love to see a taxidermy or forensic version of an instructable!
Meier1 year ago
Nightmares tonight!!!!! This is sooooo creepy! Thanks for sharing.
kcli (author)  Meier1 year ago
Good life is complete!
samsonsk1 year ago
this is the most gross and disgusting and unholy thing in the UNIVERSE I love it the for a great instruct able you got my vote
kcli (author)  samsonsk1 year ago
Haha...that is ABSOLUTELY the BEST comment I've ever received for ANY instructable!!! (I especially love the unholy part!).

Thanks for putting a big smile in my heart :-D
shazni1 year ago
Wow... Real gruesome looking? Voted!
kcli (author)  shazni1 year ago
Ha - glad to have grossed you out. Thanks for your vote!
That is awesome. Voting...
kcli (author)  epicface1231 year ago
Awww...thanks for sharing and I'm glad you liked it!
I'm doing this on Halloween. We are putting them on pointy poles in the front yard.
kcli (author)  epicface1231 year ago
I do something similar at Halloween with skulls on stakes. Even tho each is made from the same paper mâché form, once painted no two look alike. Have fun!
Cause that is not creepy at all.....
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