As we head into the monsoon season, Christmas in Singapore is lush and tropical. So my angels are decked out in colourful florals and hung on the bougainvillea shrub.

Step 1: Angel's Face

Paint the styrofoam head with flesh-tone acrylic (I've used Titanium buff straight from the tube)

Step 2: Angel's Hair

Glue on the dolls' hair and draw in the eyes and lip with a felt-tip pen

Step 3: Skirt & Wing Template

Cut out the underskirt and 2 wings using this template

Step 4: Overskirt

Cut out the overskirt using the template (without the tab) and glue the skirts together

Step 5: Angel Body

Wrap the skirt around the styrofoam body and glue down the tab to secure

Step 6: Angel Wing

Glue on the wings and punch two holes with an awl

Step 7: Wing Feathers

Coat the feather stem with some glue and push into the hole created

Step 8: Angel Back

hide any gaps at the back with a string of pearls or a ribbon

Step 9: Embellishments

I've add a pearl necklace to the neck, some ribbon trim to the skirt base and fussy-cut flowers to the overskirt.

How do we know what to buy!!!
love the details,very talented
List of supplies and template are nonexistant???
O.H. S.O. P.R.E.T.T.Y.!!!!!! <br> <br>Really beautiful, SUPER EASY and so awesome. <br> <br>thank you :)

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Bio: Sandy Ang, a paper crafter from sunny, little Singapore.
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