Picture of Pineapple bowls
An unusual spin on the normal tropical fruit salad!

You need:

Two pineapples (serves four)
Assorted tropical fruits (papaya, coconut, bananas etc)

Icecream or cream to serve.

All credit should probably go to the first poster of a similar recipe http://www.instructables.com/id/Grilled_Pineapple_Fruit_Salad/ however I actually planned this instructable in April 2008 and due to an unfortunate accident trashed the camera I used to take them. I thought them lost until I found a memory card under the sofa - so bizarrely we've both used the same idea in slightly different ways!
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Step 1: Spliting

Picture of Spliting
For every two people, slice and seperate!

Step 2: Scooping

Picture of Scooping
Pineapples dont scoop well. Plus you'll probably want to use some of that pineapple in your tropical fruit salad.

You need to cut at an angle - about 45' into the pineapple but being careful not to stab through into the bottom. Any juices or cream will drain out with holes, so do your best!

When you're done, lift and separate!

Step 3: Sorted, just make it look pretty!

Picture of Sorted, just make it look pretty!
Having added your peeled and slice fruit, serve with fair trade green and blacks ice cream, Cornish clotted cream or just normal bog standard cream!

Step 4: Serve!

Picture of Serve!
With plenty of drink, the odd candle and yes, that's an LCD photo frame in the background glaring away. Next time I won't have that on...

Step 5: Clearup

Picture of Clearup
They stack like regular bowls and you can always wash and compost them...