Troubleshooting a Nonfunctional Windshield Wiper.



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Introduction: Troubleshooting a Nonfunctional Windshield Wiper.

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The rear windshield wiper on my wife's car stopped working. Time for troubleshooting!

Step 1: Fuse.

The fuse box in the dashboard has a blown fuse for the wiper. This fuse blew for a reason and I will not replace until I have investigated the wiper.

Step 2: Removing the Wiper.

Using wd40 and a 12mm spanner with Ratchet, I took off the wiper.

Step 3: Removing the Motor Assembly.

The electrical connector needed to be disconnected. A 22mm nut had to come out where the wiper was. Also three 10mm bolts were removed that held the assembly in place.

Step 4: Checking the Motor.

I powered the motor via my bench power supply and it worked fine! Of course the generous lubing of wd40 helped alot here.

Using a torx screwdriver, I opened the gear assembly and all looked well. I used my finger to spread some of the oem grease back onto the gears. I then mounted everything back up.

Step 5: Completion.

Mounting back the assembly and wiper was straightforward. I put a new fuse in place and tested the wiper on the vehicle. It ran smoothly!

No more yapping from the wife! Hooray.



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