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So we take close to 1000 steps per day without counting my physical activities that i usually have and if you are a regular cyclists like me that too counts. So what if we could somehow harness that electricity to charge stuff. SO this is an instructable where i tried to do something of this sort. This all started when a few of us were thinking out about an Eco friendly project a teacher had asked us to make we were yelling out all sort of weird ideas and somebody yelled out "pants that could charge your phone when you run". So that was the idea we stuck to and everything fell together and we made this.

Step 1: Basics

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So the basic idea of this is that using electricity to charge something rechargeable. The main problem is from where to get the electricity. So what i thought about was attach a motor in each knee joint area of the trousers and a motor in each thigh joint of the trousers. So you might be knowing if you spin the motor's axle manually you get electricity from the wires attached to the motors. so that electricity get stored in a battery and from the battery you can charge your electronic device by plugging it in.

Step 2: Parts

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for this project you will be needing :

- 4 dc motors (i got mine from old toys)

-1 rechargeable battery with its USB charger cable

-1 USB adapter (i used one from an old wall adapter)

-some wire

-electronic device that you need to charge with its USB cable

-and obviously a pair of trousers (i used some old trainers)

i didn't have to buy anything, but if you have to buy them all together (apart from the electronic device) it would cost you under 2 bucks.

Step 3: The Hinge for Spinning the Motor

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i used a cardboard disk and attached another rectangular piece to it and attached it to the motor with a screw but you would want to attach the hinge after attaching the motor to the trousers. The rectangular piece of cardboard that goes for the knee joint should be slightly smaller than the size of your shin an dthe one that goes for your thigh should be slightly smaller than your thigh.

Step 4: Attaching the Motor to Your Trousers

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First what you could do is check in exactly which areas your legs are bending mark those areas and make sure the disks attached to the motor are right on top of those areas. I attached motors to my knee joints and to my thigh joints.

and i stitched my motors on but you could try some other ideas and i stitch that rectangular piece of cardboard somewhere in the middle of my shin.

Step 5: Circuit

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the circuit is very simple the four motors will be attached to each other in parallel and the two ends will be connected to the USB charger of the battery. when the battery is fully charged you will have to unplug it and attach it to an USB adapter which will connect into your electronic device.

Step 6: After Charging Battery

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after charging the battery you have to unplug it from your charging cord and attach it to your USB adapter. attach your electronic device and boom it should start charging. SO say bye bye to wall adapters and plug points this is the future but think about the further future you wouldn't have to look like a complete cyborg nor would you have to carry battery and adapters in your pockets and maybe you could attach these things into your jaw the exact same thing and you could charge your phone while talking this is the future everybody think big get ideas and make stuff even though they might not work.

And please send me better ideas in the comments and if you find a more efficient way to make this work please do and share the ideas with me.

Thank you everybody


AditS3 (author)2015-10-30

From where I can get this video

Technovation (author)AditS32016-05-17

I am sorry but we haven't made any videos? Any help required?

Technovation (author)2015-08-17

great idea

pjhrtr (author)2015-08-16

It would be great if you could describe how well the charging went based on activity. I think mounting motors on clothes will misalign from their ideal axis with movement.
Seems a knee brace would be better, with the padded frame to keep the gear aligned. And this has been done by a Canadian guy who also got some military funding to develop it further. Another model offered commercially had the batteries pop out in round caps from the pivot point after they were charged so you could replace with another. From what I recall the amps were yet a bit low. Be interesting. I've seen the "shake flashlight" (magnet in a sliding tube) concept used in both shoes, and to capture up/down motion in backpacks!
Motor windings & magnets may may have a sweet spot combo, or perhaps their weight may just be an irritation. (?)
Might you consider mini pneumatic cylinders (like plastic syringes) connected by thin surgical tubing to a manifold on your belt (on the back?) that then captures the +/- energy with a few mini turbines, charging from your center of mass were it's less likely to be a burden! Thoughts?

KennethM8 (author)2015-06-20

I had an idea just like this a while back but it involved a device hooked to a shoe, it could be geared for many rotations with each step because there is a relatively high amount of force being applied to the ankle with each step.

Technovation (author)KennethM82015-06-20

Godd idea

Technovation (author)2015-03-24

made it on paint hope you can understand

Veerus (author)2015-03-22

Hey really nice idea. I want to try it out but I don't understand the mechanism of the the whole thing. If you could draw it, it would be great. I am referring to the cardboard attached to the motors. Thank you and great job.

Technovation (author)2015-03-21


WYN soldier (author)2015-03-21

I'll put a motor on my right hand and it'll charge in no time! Ha

Technovation (author)2015-03-21

my tab takes 5v 2A to cahrge so it must be around that much

callmed7 (author)2015-03-20

what kind of output are we talking? volts and amps?

tomatoskins (author)2015-03-20

Cool! About how long would you say does this take to charge your phone?

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