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A good quality pet barrier in stores and online cost $40+ with no guarantee that it will fit or work or be sturdy enough. I had a problem with 2 pit bulls that don't get along and needed to be separated, one in the front seat and one in the back. My dog's kennel takes up a lot of backseat real estate that the rider is confined to the 40 side of a 60/40 bench seat and the front passenger had to ride with a dog on their lap=safety issue! SO to fix this uncomfortable/safety issue, I needed a cheap and sturdy solution. If you have a pipe cutter, this will cost less than $25 (20.98). Thanks and Enjoy!!!

Step 1: Gather Suggested Tools & Materials

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Collect your tools & materials. I spent an extra $25 on the pipe cutter, which spared me some work.


a pencil (for erasable marks)

tape measure

a rubber mallet to tap the pipes together

pipe cutter


(3)-1/2" x 10' PVC pipe

(4)-1/2" 90 degree elbow connectors

(12)-1/2" tee connectors

(2)-1/2" end caps

(2) packs of 23" x 7/8" Velcro ties

The store sells Velcro as a 3 pack, I needed 4, so I bought 2 packs and can use the leftovers to replace worn straps.

Step 2: Plans and Cuts

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Attached in the photos are my plans I drew up for my back seat with measurements, and pipe cuttings with where to place the pipes and connectors. The picture is part of the assembly.

Step 3: How to Attach to the Rear

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Velcro Straps wrap around the handles in the rear seat securing the barrier in place. At the bottom of each front seat, there's a gap that the bottom pipe extends into and straps down with another Velcro strap on each side of the center console.

Step 4: Final Product

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All-in-all, I sent 45.66, but subtract the 24.98 for the pipe cutter, I spent 20.68 total on this project. If you have a saw, it will cut pipe as well, but this was much faster for me and spared me a few hours of cutting. You can adjust the cuts for your vehicle. This is for a 2012 Nissan Titan Crew Cab. The bottom pipes are slanted toward the front seat and the top portion fits into my handles for a snug fit against the 2 front sits so that my rear passengers don't feel claustrophobic while riding. The dogs love it and it solved the uncomfortable dog/safety problem. Plus side: you can still hand stuff between the barrier and you don't have to take it apart to get it in the truck!!! Thanks for viewing.


Swansong (author)2017-03-08

We could use one of these! Right now our beagle mix has a seat belt that clips to the back of his harness but he can't move around the back much with it.

lesb03 (author)Swansong2017-03-08

I'm working on another project with a ratcheting tie down between my handles with a big clip to clip to it, then adding a leash to it so my dog can walk to each side, but not jump up front. If you can imagine it, it would be a workable solution,

Toxictom (author)2017-03-08

This is an excellent solution and design. Thanks for posting.

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