Picture of Truckbed PVC Bike Rack
We recently bought two bikes and instead of just throwing the bikes onto the bed of the truck and get them scratched, I build one using PVC pipes from the hardware store.

I made it at TechShop since it's a lot more spacious and they have all the tools available.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
- Four 10-ft 3/4" PVC pipes
- 6 3/4" elbows
- 18 3/4" Tees
- Chop Saw
- PVC glues
- mallet (optional)

Step 2: Cutting the pieces

Picture of Cutting the pieces
The first step is to measure and cut all the pipes. I have a 1996 Toyota Tacoma and I built the rack to fit my truck. If you have a different truck you'll want to measure your truck and cut the pipes accordingly to fit your truck bed.

Even though we only have two bikes I wanted to build a rack that fits four bikes but my truck is too narrow so I settled for three. The pipes I needed are:

10" pipes x 12
12" pipes x 6
6" pipes x 6
2" pipes x 9

A chop saw cuts the pipes very nicely and make sure you wear safety goggles since the debris from cutting can fly. Also be very carefully when you cut the 2" pipes.

Step 3: Assembly Step 1

Picture of Assembly Step 1
I started putting the pipes together without using any glue first to make sure the final rack will fit my truck. Since I needed to take it apart later to glue, I didn't push the pipes all the way into the tees/elbows. This made the rack slightly larger at this point. Make sure you take this into account when you try to dry-fit the rack in your truck.

The first pieces to build are three horizonal pieces. They were each built with:

 - two elbows
 - four tees
 - three 2" pipes 
 - two 10" pipes

Step 4: Assembly Step 2

Picture of Assembly Step 2
Now we build the vertical pieces where the bike tires will go. They're very simple and are each made of:

 - one 12" pipe
 - one 10" pipe
 - one tee
Taykaim2 months ago

Great project. Good idea kept simple and functional.

Suggestion, paint it with an exterior grade paint. No only can you touch it up with a splash of color or make it match your bed, but also PVC doesn't hold its strength very long if its exposed to the sun all the time. Sadly, it tends to become brittle and you might only find out when your bikes fall over in a turn.

bharper6135 months ago
Can you please post a picture of where you used the two capped pipes? Thanks!
mrkevinbenny5 months ago
Easy build, I added two capped pipes to the tire slots to stabilize the bike. works well so far.
Can you please post a pic of your bike rack showing where you used the two capped pipes? Thanks!

easy , piece of cake.made the 3 bike rack. SWEET

prosend made it!7 months ago

Love this idea. We made a three bike rack.

Building a rack.jpgP1000695.JPGP1000696.JPG
esms067 months ago
works great!
Snarley8 months ago

Actually I made this and it turned out great. There is only 2 10' pieces of 3/4" PVC needed not 4. This may save you some money as I took 2 back.

Clever. Do you also strap the rear of the bikes? If not, you might want to consider it. That bike will likely go airborne if the front of your truck and something else decide to attempt to occupy the same space at the same time. It would probably take the bike rack with it . . . in pieces.

Well done.
I think it will be fine because of the tie down straps it would hold the front end and the bike rack down
Could also use a second rack for the rear wheels, if space permits...
mrpesas1 year ago
Great idea! And can easily be adapted to many other trucks. My only suggestion would be to paint it because I don't think PVC will hold up to UV rays from the sun.
tinpusher1 year ago
Great 'ible! I too love working with PVC. I've often called it "lincoln logs for grown-ups".
arnoldroff1 year ago
Outstanding idea, Great job!
Monomann1 year ago
Great job!!
Outstanding job!!!
bob30301 year ago
I've made the same rack myself and it works great. It keeps the bikes secure and protects the truck from scratches! I've made other projects from PVC pipe. It's one of my favorite supplies for being creative. Thanks for posting.
aabernethy1 year ago
This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!
This came out great!