This is how to paint simple flames. This is the most popular technique on the market today.

The best vid tutorial I;ve ever watched ...thanks a biliion
for ur next vid can u show us how to air brush electric thanx
Great tutorial! Not many guys out there would give this out, I bet the high dollar custom sites hate you..lol, thanks!
ok, so wouldnt transparent white be clear? lol btw, great job on everything
He doesn't say how transparent it is...
are you using h.o.c, auto colors ,ppg.... what? also if the colors your working with are "transparent" why do the show up more opaque then the bottom layers?
also $1,000, yeah right "sweet heart"! a lot freak'n more than that!!!! also before I meant auto air, which is what you said you used, but any recommendations besides auto air?
Hey mr. Airbrushtricks, do you let the paint dry in between layers or is this done all in one go?
niiice vid
Hey man! Great tutorial! Really helpful for an aspiring airbrush artist!:) Thanks from Bjørn, Denmark, Europe!
Nice job AirbrushTricks, great videos, keep them coming! I love them all!

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Bio: I'm an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.
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