"True Trigger" Addition to One Shot Knex Gun/Pistol by Bannana Inventor





Introduction: "True Trigger" Addition to One Shot Knex Gun/Pistol by Bannana Inventor

This Instructable was made to show you how to put a real trigger on one of the earlier guns I made. Here is a link you will need before you begin this Instructable, however if you have already made this gun you may continue.

Step 1: Building the Trigger.

Before you begin you must remove the old trigger of the gun you will not need it anymore.
Build the two objects in the picture. You will need the following:

8 gray single connectors.
6 white/black/gray rods.
3 blue spacers.
2 blue rods.
2 green rods.
2 red connectors.
1 orange connector.

Step 2: Connecting the Trigger.

Connect the trigger as shown.

Step 3: Connecting the Trigger to the Gun.

Connect the trigger to the gun as shown, one part goes on the original block pin, and the other goes on the place were the old trigger was. Don't forget to attach the tan piece on the block pin to hold it in place.

Thank you for viewing this Instructable.
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it is quite powerful but could if you could make it look more realistic it wood be great

You really should make this an extra step on your previous instructable. Any particular reason you made another instructable?

Well if you are talking about this Instructable, I posted this to show how to make a true trigger on a gun I made. The reason I did not post the true trigger with my one shot pistol Instructable is because I recently found out how to make one from my nieghbor.

he means why didnt you add a step to your old one

To tell you the truth I did not know how to do that but I know now. (I'm just getting familiar with this stuff) P.S. How did you get your picture to move?!?

By importing an animated picture instead of a regular jpeg, gif, bmp, etc.

Thanks I'll try it, but could you give me a link or somthing, please?