True Trigger Auto Loading Knex Rifle/Sniper, by Bannana Inventor





Introduction: True Trigger Auto Loading Knex Rifle/Sniper, by Bannana Inventor

This is an automatic loading rifle/sniper. It has a ten round hopper. (credit to Ednator55) It also has a true trigger. However this gun does not have a stock. (I couldn't come up with any ideas) So if you have any ideas for one PM me or leave a comment. I hope you enjoy!!! :D

Step 1: Building.

Build the scope, hopper, and handle pieces. You will connect all these later.

Step 2: More Building.

Now build the RAM and the trigger pieces. You may want to tape the RAM to the connector.

Step 3: Body Work.

This is the step that uses the most pieces. In pic one just build the body and read the note. In pic 2 connect the two pieces together.

Step 4: Connecting the Hopper.

Collect those hopper pieces you have made, and connect them as shown. Add a yellow rod on the top.

Step 5: Connecting What You Have Made.

Connect everything you made as shown. Don't forget to slide the RAM in. (that may be a little tricky)

Step 6: Connecting the Rubber Bands.

Add the rubber band where shown. After that you are ready to shoot. If you need me to answer any questions just PM me or leave a comment and I'll do the best I can. If you can't leave a comment it's beacause you haven't signed up. (YOU SHOULD SIGN UP BECAUSE IT'S FREE)




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pic 2 is kinda blurry

can you please put more pics of how you made it?

you need to be more clear on how to put it together

i find these instructions very clear well done the gun is awesome simple powerfull and easy moded sturdy and a great mag =D but one thing are them knex pieces on a wall?

 Banana Inventor Good Job Dude! This is a very nice Mini Sniper Rifle and i love making this to annoy my sister :D! thanks you helped me alot XD

try showing instructions at different angles because i really wanted to make this gun but i can't because i can't follow the instructions.

I don't know what your smoking, but I can see it just fine