True Trigger Handle/Clip Knex Uzi! the New 227b





Introduction: True Trigger Handle/Clip Knex Uzi! the New 227b

Here are instructions for my new true-trigger knex Uzi
it has the first rail system,to my knowlage.
i give credit to minty hippo and loosewire for there guns

Step 1: Main Body

the main body
pic-1 main body left side
pic-2 main body bottom
pic-3 breech
pic-4 main body right side

Step 2: Handle/clip

the handle
pic-1 handle/clip side
pic-2 front
pic-3 back

Step 3: Trigger System

the trigger system
pic-1 1st part of trigger
pic-2 1st part of trigger
pic-3 2nd part of trigger

Step 4: Top Rail System

the top rail system
pic-1 attachment part (2)
pic-2 both of them
pic-3 rail system (2)
pic-4 both
pic-5 attacher rod
pic-6 rails put together
pic-7 front view

Step 5: Firing Pin/ram

the pin
pic-1 pin

Step 6: Front Rail System/flash Guard

front thing
pic-1 side
pic-2 top
pic-3 bottom

Step 7: Final Construction

the final construction
follow the pics

Step 8: Upgrade 1 Small Stock

this is the small stock
pic-1 stock side view
pic-2 stock above view
pic-3 stock attach

Step 9: Big Stock

the big stock



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    I made the gun then i wanted to mod it so i changed the trigger and made longer mags and made it more powerful and I also made it in pistol form so if you would like to see them inbox me and I will post pictures and instructions :D

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    how aand what does it shoot i spent 1 hr on it and i carnt even shoot it

    to shoot it pull the ram rod back until the trigger blocks it and it shoots green rods also 1 HOUR?!?!?!? is this like your first gun???

    maybe he's like me and doesn't keep his peices in one place.

    omg ur a boy scout thats lame