True Trigger K'NEX Gun


Introduction: True Trigger K'NEX Gun

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This is A true trigger knex gun. Please rate and comment thank you. I give all credit to the jamalam for the back of the stock!

Step 1: The Stock

Build the stock.

Step 2: The Stock

Build and connect the stock.

Step 3: The Barrel.

Build the barrel and then connect to the stock.

Step 4: The Trigger.

Build and connect the trigger

Step 5: The Handle.

Build and connect the handle.

Step 6: Rubber Bands.

Add the rubber bands. Enjoy the gun. :D



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    99 Discussions

    is it semi auto or do you have to pull back the pin

    This is very unclear. You just show pictures and there aren't any steps or materials.

    type the logo on the 6 two times put the cursor in the middel and then you then type what you wanna say

    exampele i cant do the real thing cause it will do the effect:

    c pretent that the 2 c's are the logos on the 6 c
    so it looks like this