True Trigger K'NEX Gun





Introduction: True Trigger K'NEX Gun

This is A true trigger knex gun. Please rate and comment thank you. I give all credit to the jamalam for the back of the stock!

Step 1: The Stock

Build the stock.

Step 2: The Stock

Build and connect the stock.

Step 3: The Barrel.

Build the barrel and then connect to the stock.

Step 4: The Trigger.

Build and connect the trigger

Step 5: The Handle.

Build and connect the handle.

Step 6: Rubber Bands.

Add the rubber bands. Enjoy the gun. :D



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is it semi auto or do you have to pull back the pin

thx man my gun fire like 30 feet with 4 rubber band

This is very unclear. You just show pictures and there aren't any steps or materials.

nice gun but how do you write small

type the logo on the 6 two times put the cursor in the middel and then you then type what you wanna say

exampele i cant do the real thing cause it will do the effect:

c pretent that the 2 c's are the logos on the 6 c
so it looks like this

i cant how about riting upside down

Thanks! I can do it too!