Introduction: True Trigger K'NEX Gun

Picture of True Trigger K'NEX Gun

This is A true trigger knex gun. Please rate and comment thank you. I give all credit to the jamalam for the back of the stock!

Step 1: The Stock

Picture of The Stock

Build the stock.

Step 2: The Stock

Picture of The Stock

Build and connect the stock.

Step 3: The Barrel.

Picture of The Barrel.

Build the barrel and then connect to the stock.

Step 4: The Trigger.

Picture of The Trigger.

Build and connect the trigger

Step 5: The Handle.

Picture of The Handle.

Build and connect the handle.

Step 6: Rubber Bands.

Picture of Rubber Bands.

Add the rubber bands. Enjoy the gun. :D


mchristie1 (author)2011-07-24

is it semi auto or do you have to pull back the pin

patof2002 (author)2009-05-31

thx man my gun fire like 30 feet with 4 rubber band

 np sorry 4 late reply

yeah i know (author)2009-11-16

This is very unclear. You just show pictures and there aren't any steps or materials.

deawon2 (author)2008-08-07

nice gun but how do you write small

type the logo on the 6 two times put the cursor in the middel and then you then type what you wanna say

exampele i cant do the real thing cause it will do the effect:

c pretent that the 2 c's are the logos on the 6 c
so it looks like this

i cant how about riting upside down

Thanks! I can do it too!

Hiyadudez (author)travw2009-08-26

:) :) :) :) :)

Hiyadudez (author)2009-08-26


apples!!!!! (author)2008-07-28


what do you mean?


you mean the

big type



do you know who the bunny is?

are you referring to this (\_/) (o.o) (> <)

I3uckwheat (author)apples!!!!!2008-08-29


DrWeird117 (author)I3uckwheat2008-09-16

That's fricking Pikachu.

I3uckwheat (author)DrWeird1172008-09-16

ok what ever

DrWeird117 (author)I3uckwheat2008-09-16


Pokezamer (author)DrWeird1172008-12-24


apples!!!!! (author)I3uckwheat2008-08-29

Thats fatter....

I3uckwheat (author)apples!!!!!2008-08-29

ya lol

Oblivitus (author)apples!!!!!2008-07-31

Jamalam bunny!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

apples!!!!! (author)Oblivitus2008-07-31


Oblivitus (author)apples!!!!!2008-07-31

Lol. Under it's fluffy computerized exterior, it's ultimate goal is to take over the world!

instructable doggie (author)2008-07-12

reply to this comment if you have voted for this gun!

thank you!!!!!!

its mint!

what?!? mint

mint is what i say for cool

oh ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!

dont have to! its a cool gun!

=thanks!= you have made me happy here is a messtga

hey you can rate your own gun just pretend your rateing someonelese's gun

i know! :D
your thanks didnt work
to make it big


you are not suppost to put the exclamation in
it goes = thanks = (dont put the spaces in) and then put the exclamiation mark in like this : =thanks=!

:(<br/><br/>=thanks= !<br/>

no lol doesnt work

you mean i know
can you write small?


urr yeh



therandomperson (author)Chikara2008-12-05

that wern't that small really i dont think :@

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whare do you rate ?? sorry havent been on for a long time=()

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