Picture of True Trigger K'NEX Gun
This is A true trigger knex gun. Please rate and comment thank you. I give all credit to the jamalam for the back of the stock!

Step 1: The stock

Picture of The stock
Picture 077.jpg
Picture 078.jpg
Build the stock.
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mchristie14 years ago
is it semi auto or do you have to pull back the pin
patof20026 years ago
thx man my gun fire like 30 feet with 4 rubber band
instructable doggie (author)  patof20025 years ago
 np sorry 4 late reply
yeah i know5 years ago
This is very unclear. You just show pictures and there aren't any steps or materials.
deawon27 years ago
nice gun but how do you write small
instructable doggie (author)  deawon27 years ago
type the logo on the 6 two times put the cursor in the middel and then you then type what you wanna say

exampele i cant do the real thing cause it will do the effect:

c pretent that the 2 c's are the logos on the 6 c
so it looks like this
i cant how about riting upside down
Thanks! I can do it too!
Hiyadudez travw6 years ago
:) :) :) :) :)
Hiyadudez6 years ago
apples!!!!!7 years ago


what do you mean?

you mean the

big type



do you know who the bunny is?
are you referring to this (\_/) (o.o) (> <)
That's fricking Pikachu.
ok what ever
Thats fatter....
ya lol
Jamalam bunny!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
Lol. Under it's fluffy computerized exterior, it's ultimate goal is to take over the world!
instructable doggie (author) 7 years ago

reply to this comment if you have voted for this gun!

thank you!!!!!!
its mint!
what?!? mint
mint is what i say for cool
oh ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!
dont have to! its a cool gun!
=thanks!= you have made me happy here is a messtga

hey you can rate your own gun just pretend your rateing someonelese's gun
i know! :D
your thanks didnt work
to make it big


you are not suppost to put the exclamation in
it goes = thanks = (dont put the spaces in) and then put the exclamiation mark in like this : =thanks=!
:(<br/><br/>=thanks= !<br/>
no lol doesnt work
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