"True Trigger" Knex Gun/ Pistol by Bannana Inventor





Introduction: "True Trigger" Knex Gun/ Pistol by Bannana Inventor

This is a "true trigger" knex pistol. It is pretty powerful for it's size. It can also shoot over 30 feet with the right rubber bands.(I used two.) Please rate and comment. Enjoy.

Step 1: The Handle.

Build the handle you will need the following:

4 circle connectors.
3 gray spacers.
2 yellow/gray rods.

Step 2: Building the Body.

Build these parts. You will need the following:

6 white/black rods.
4 yellow/gray connectors.
4 blue spacers.
3 blue rods.
2 two slot connectors.
2 circle connectors.
2 green/black.

Step 3: Building the Body.

Connect the pieces you have just made as shown.

Step 4: Building the Trigger.

Build the trigger parts. You will need the following:

5 blue spacers.
3 blue rods.
3 white/black rods.
3 red connectors.
2 single gray connectors.
2 green rods.
1 gray spacer.
1 tan single connector.

Step 5: Connecting the Trigger Pieces.

Connect the pieces you have just made as shown.

Step 6: Building the Ram.

Build the ram as shown. you will need the following:

1 red rod.
1 orange/black connector.
You also can use tape so the ram doesn't fall apart when you shoot it.

Step 7: Building the Barrel.

Build the barrel as shown. You will need the following.

12 yellow connectors.
5 green rods.
5 gray single connectors.
2 white rods.
2 blue spacers.
1 circle connector.

Step 8: Finishing Up the Gun: Rubber Bands and Connections.

Connect the major pieces you have made (handle,body,barrel,and trigger)as shown. Connect the Rubber Band and you are ready to shoot. If you have any troubleshooting with these instructions please leave a comment.

AMMO: For the ammo I recommend the blue or yellow rod, however this gun can shoot any of the knex rods.

Thanks for building this gun!!!



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    this gun rocks thankyou so much

    thanks it is pretty good

    I made the gun some time back... I liked it, except for the fact that the trigger sometimes broke, the barrel moved forward, and it lacked a bullet lock.

    i made this gun and it fires pretty good

    Easily!!! All you would have to do is lengthen the barrel, change the RAM to a gray rod, spread apart the yellow connectors, and make the magazine. :D

    your guns always looks small in the pics but are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how do you load and fire the gun? please post video.

    1 reply

    you stick any k'nex rod into the barrel, (end of barrel), and do that once the ramrod is pulled back, then pull the trigger

    oh, sorry, i'm a moron!! it's any k'nex rods!

    sweet gun!!!! by the way, wha ammo. does it shoot??????LOL! any ways spectacular anyways, 5 stars!

    i began posting oops! i will delete :)

    I love your gun! I saw a small problem though; there was a lack of structure. With the gun sliding back and forth, it makes a bit of a challenge to keep a solid sight for any length of time. Could you give me any tips on how to reinforce the gun?

    this is an excellent gun. this even did better than your true trigger gun. the only improvement i would recommend is that there should be no block trigger in the first place

    should I build this pistol or the pistol with the hopper?