This is a 1871 Uberti pistol it has a cocking lever and a true trigger. It is only a one shot just like the real gun. Unfortunately this gun is not very powerful. The reason is because of the what I think is new cocking design. Feel free to modify it if you want. ENJOY :D

Step 1: Building the Ram ,Trigger,and Handle

1.) Build the two halfs of the handle, then connect them together.

2.) Build the trigger.

3.) and 4.) Build ram. Four is just a side view.

Step 2: Building and Connecting the Body and Barrel.

1.) Build the body as shown.

2.) Build the two pieces of the barrel, you will connect in the next picture.

3.) As I said connect the barrel as shown.

4.) Now connect the barrel to the body. Pay close attention to which part of the body goes on which side.

Step 3: Adding Rubber Bands.

Add the rubber bands the trigger, and the handle where shown. Now you are done.

To shoot this gun all you do is put your on the red and yellow pieces of the ram and pull back until you see or hear the block move down. Now load a round in the barrel and pull the trigger.
(I am not held reliable for misuse or injury from this gun.)

dude trigger sucks so dose the pull back thin my advive is remove the pull back thing and just add an orang cannector to a grey rod and done
how do u work the trigger my not working and i bulit it exactly the same <br>
cool gun. word of advise:your silvery-green rod looks like it is gonna snap. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN!!! :) <br>
very original, 4.5*
Mine went about 5 in with a new #64 rubber band. It slowed down near the end a lot. Do you know why?<br /> <br />
Hey does anyone know where i can buy those black Y clips and the other ones that look like it that use ball joints?<br />
whats the brown piece??
same thing as an orange connector. that's the metallic version of it. some guns look really cool if you use those instead of oranges.
what is that brown piece??
bannana inventor your the best knex inventor on this site
i built this gun there are some problems... not powerful enough went about 10 foot i use 6 elastic bands!!! i broke aswell but still works(its works better broken for me it went 20 foot) over all the gun is good 4 star!!!
1 Yeah, I was just trying to put a new gun type out there. 2 lol. That's pretty weird. 3 Thanks. :D
rated 4.5
Thank you. :D
I Like It
post the pistol! post the pistol! . . .
Already answered. lol. :D
Does anyone need a little pistol posted? (by little I mean like 5in.x 3.5in.)
post the pistol! post the pistol! . . .
Click my name. Same to your other comment.
Just click my name it should be in the instructables section. While you are there can you please vote for my 10 shot concept rifle. Please and Thank You!!! :D
i think the mech has been used before, but i like it because it is in a pistol. 5 stars
Thanks, yeah I wasn't sure if it was "new" or not.

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