Introduction: True Trigger One Shot Powerful Knex Pistol!

Picture of True Trigger One Shot Powerful Knex Pistol!

True Trigger One Shot Begginers Knex Gun. this is my very first gun and instructable so please no harsh comments.

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle

This is really easy all you do is grab some green connecters and 2 yellow bars and then................make the magic happen!!

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

The barrel is also easy just make what it is in the picture.

Step 3: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

This is a little more tricky but hopefully you can build from the pictures. :)

Step 4: Joining It Together

Picture of Joining It Together

just follow pictures

Step 5: Rubber Bands

Picture of Rubber Bands

Elasticaltastic! Add more of the rubberbands at the end for more power.Thicker rubber bands on the end work better.

Step 6: Loading

Picture of Loading

Put in the gray rod
Pull it back until the trigger locks
Pul trigger to fire

Step 7: Have Fun

Picture of Have Fun

Please Comment and rate this is my first Instructable!!


bannana inventor (author)2009-06-16

Seriously guys, it's his 1st instructable, give him a break. None of our first guns were that good either. 4.0*

mine was

tinyhooman (author)2016-09-07

so, my trigger catch didn't work, but I took off the handle, put it on the front, and and made a ram rod with yellow rod ad orange connector, turning it into something like a nerf sling strike ?

tinyhooman (author)2016-09-06

I can't figure out the trigger(first time making knex gun so yeah)

moocows (author)2014-04-17

i love thi gun. second one i made. i have very few peices but enough for this and 2 more. i enjoy it, just with i could find a good multi shot true trigger

ParaGunner1324 (author)2014-01-24

More side shots.

bvan huisstede (author)2011-08-18


Biz3kid (author)2010-11-12

This gun is awesome1

techman26 (author)2009-12-19

I loved the gun it works great you might need a little more explaining or pics on step 3 or the trigger

Master_Zane (author)2009-06-11

No. 0.5*

DJ Radio (author)Master_Zane2009-06-14

this does not deserve a 0.5* Its his first ible, and it even has a true trigger.

travw (author)DJ Radio2009-09-16

A stolen trigger from 2008. *1

DJ Radio (author)travw2009-09-16

When did I say it was his? I would give it a 3* rating because at least he took the time to put a true trigger on it. Most others would just put a block trigger on it.

travw (author)DJ Radio2009-09-17

You actually think this is 'above average'? I'm absolutely positive you don't.

Jesus. (author)travw2009-11-15

i bet you gave killerks pistol 4.5 or 5*
and it has a block trigger.

travw (author)Jesus.2009-11-15

Yeah, and that was posted LITERALLY years before this. This is a piece of ****, not just because of when it was posted, but also because this has none of the features that made the KK pistol good.

DJ Radio (author)travw2009-09-17

Normally, no, I don't think so. But for a first gun, yes, I do.

DJ Radio (author)travw2009-09-17

I know it isn't your first gun, so I rate it 2.5 due to the turret. That is all.

travw (author)DJ Radio2009-09-17

That was the first gun I designed. I just didn't post it 'til a while ago. So actually, yes. First gun. But I don't really care, because I rate guns fairly. So this I'd give a *1.

DJ Radio (author)travw2009-09-17

That was not the first gun you built. You have built various other guns, even if they were not yours. You know how to make guns better than he does. And from your humongous amount of knex, I think you don't have any handicaps.

travw (author)DJ Radio2009-09-17

Ok, fine. You got me there. But first one I designed. I see your point though.

" I think you don't have any handicaps."
LOL! You don't know me in person. =p

DJ Radio (author)travw2009-09-17

Oh, and not to mention that 2.5* is the max I give to a block trigger.

I meant knexing handicaps... I have one, and it hasn't stopped me...

travw (author)DJ Radio2009-09-18

That's fine. I don't really care. Though a lot of block triggs are really good for war, and that's what you supposedly want in a gun. I guess not though. Also, I was kidding. I knew what you meant.

DJ Radio (author)travw2009-09-18

I find true triggers easier to use than blocks. I want a true trigger. Oh ok.

Oblivitus (author)travw2009-09-17

I gave him 1 star because he has nice pictures.

Proffessor Luke (author)2009-09-29

Add some side shots it is quite hard to see all of it

kevin97ado (author)2009-09-27

Add Some Side Shots i can't do this farter

A11v11 (author)2009-09-22

more side shots!!!!!!

A11v11 (author)2009-09-22

add some side shots

silentassasin21 (author)2009-09-17

WOW this is truly NOT ORIGINAL 5.*S whoops wrong decimal place .5*S

KnexFreek (author)2009-09-16

harsh harsh harsh smarsh smarsh smarsh bla bla bla 2.5 stars

CookieMonst3r (author)2009-07-21

This is alright but you should break it down a little more. But still good.

I_am_English (author)2009-07-15

erm it could be a bb gun aswell

Alexbretherton (author)2009-07-10

very good for first instructable bit faulty but i give it a 4/5

DJ Radio (author)2009-06-10

This is pretty good for a first instructable. It looks very comfy. 3.5*

amtdude (author)2009-06-09

*rolls eyes* not terible. still dont bother postin

lord voldamort (author)2009-06-09

why would we leave harse comments if it were block trigger but not this

stale56 (author)lord voldamort2009-06-09

because simple tube-and0stick guns require very little effort, while this one clearly has some effort into it. But still, extremely simple.

Oblivitus (author)2009-06-08

Good pictures.

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