Introduction: True Trigger Simple Pistol Origanally Made by Bannana Inventor .

This is Bannana inventors gun but i tweaked it slightly. A special thanks to Bannana inventor for allowing me to remake his gun.

Step 1: The Parts.

You will need...

Step 2: The Body of the Gun.

The main part of the pistol.

Step 3: The Barrel

Where the ammo is put then shot out from.

Step 4: Trigger

To fire with.

Step 5: The Handle.

To hold the gun.

Step 6: Put Together.

As the title describes.

Step 7: Rubber Bands.

Where to place them.

Step 8: My Thanks To..

My very special thanks to Bannana inventor for letting me post this. Another thanks to my brother for showing me the gun on this website. Andrew Chow for testing it on targets and you for viewing this instructable.


bilaliscool (author)2012-03-22

nice gun!

cranberys (author)2010-05-19

 hard time making it but pretty good 

An Villain (author)2009-10-02

looks funny, but i like it.

sharpshooter121 (author)2009-03-16

GREAT GUN! not powerfully but yes very acurate!


Thanks, Try putting on tighter elastic bands and it will be a bit more powerful.

Blue Yoshi (author)2009-01-01

Best pistol on instructables!

chazmcleanXD (author)2008-12-24

Love the pistol, also its very accurate.

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