This chocolate truffle recipe builds on the classic appetizer bacon wrapped prunes (or "ciruelas pasas con tocino " if you find yourself in a tapas bar, olá!) by introducing new flavors and a more delicate appearance. I'd like to imagine these little bacon chocolates as the perfect ending for a lovely dinner with a special someone (who is not a vegetarian).. maybe accompanied by a glass of red wine, candle light.. you get the picture.

Truffle Schwarz only need four basic ingredients and you don't have to have a whole lot of kitchen experience to recreate this tasty little treat. So give it a try some time! My friends, men and women alike, all enjoyed them and if you're a bacon fan I think your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised, too!

Truffle Schwarz are my contribution to the Bacon Contest , for which this recipe was created. So if you like what you see, please consider giving it your vote! Thank you!

Step 1: What You Need

You will need the following ingredients (for 12 truffles):

Bacon, 12 + 3 slices : Look for a thin cut. Thin, uneven slices will make for a tighter and in the end more even wrapping. Around here this tends to be the cheaper stuff. However, if you can get thin, uneven sliced bacon from happy pigs from your local farmer, get that.
Chocolate, 3oz. / 100g bar : No compromise in quality here. For Truffle Schwarz you need dark chocolate with 80% cacao content. Preferably look for chocolate that has no additives. The taste of cacao consists of 400 something different flavors so in my opinion there is no need to add any more, like vanilla e.g., unless the raw materials are of lesser quality.
Prunes, 12 : Get medium sized ones, about an inch wide. Otherwise all brands I tried were fine.
Pistachio nuts, 12 + a couple of them (6-7)  : Dry roasted and salted. In this case bigger is better but if you can't get your hands on the jumbo nuts, any regular sort will do.

Some useful kitchen utensils include:

- a chopping board , a kitchen knife , a tea spoon or two, a fork and a skewer
- a baking tray lined with baking paper or aluminum foil , for this instructable I used the latter
- a pot and a similar sized metal bowl if you want to melt the chocolate on the stove, like I did here
- a couple sheets of wax paper , though baking paper or even aluminum foil will do, too
- paper towels
- a kitchen sieve
Optional but recommended: a kitchen thermometer
This looks very tasty

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