4 Shot Gatling Rifle, by Bannana Inventor.





Introduction: 4 Shot Gatling Rifle, by Bannana Inventor.

This is a true semi auto gun. It's has four shots and, well,I guess a true trigger. (It's a gear.) Anyway this has a very comfortable handle and stock. I think this is the first gun of it's kind. I hope you enjoy this gun as much as I do. If you need any pics leave a massage. Enjoy. :D

76 small green
79 white
43 blue
16 yellow
0 red
3 gray

26 gray single
12 gray double
31 orange
6 red
29 green
66 yellow
24 cirrcle
8 blue 3D
6 purple 3D
10 Y
7 tan

2 red
1 yellow
1 gray
1 brown.

I may be off by a piece or two so don't yell at me. Please. :D

Step 1: The Gear Housing and Body.

1 What you will be building.
2 Front view.
3 Top rear view.
4 Rear view.
5 Right side view.
6 First picture but add the red gear.
7 Reverse side of picture six.
8 Second thing you will need to build.
9 Front side view.
10 Bottom rear view.

Step 2: Building the Stock.

1 Build this.
2 Also build this.
3 Connect the two objects as shown.
4 Build the end of the stock.
5 Another view.
6 Connect it all.

Step 3: Building and Connecting the Handle.

1 Build the two handle pieces.
2 Connect those pieces as shown.
3 Attach the stock and the handle.

Step 4: The Guns.

1 Build four of these. You can add more if you wish.
2 Connect those guns to two circle connectors with Y connectors on them.

Step 5: Building the Gatling Housing.

1 Build the top part of the gatling housing. Most of the pieces are for detail so it's OK to miss a few pieces if needed.
2 Another view of the top housing.
3 A top view of the top housing.
4,5 and 6 Bottom housings.
7 Rear view of the gatling holder. (build this)
8 Side view of the above comment.
9 and 10 Connect the housing pieces together. You are almost done! :D

Step 6: Finishing Up.

Connect the gatling housing to the rest of the gun. Slip in a gray rod and connect it to the other gray rod coming from the gun with an orange connector. Slip some tan connectors into place to hold the gatling to the rod and you are done!!! I hope you have enjoied making this and if you need any help or pics leave a comment. Thank You!!!




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    this is not truly semi auto at all. it is the same thing as having four single shots and firing them one at a time. the only thing is that they all use the same trigger. a lesson: never call something truly semi auto. i learned this one the hard way.

     can i leave you a massage too?

    Just wanted to make sure, is there a dif between red and yellow gears?

    17 replies

    The yellow gears have teeth thing sticking out of the side of them, whereas red gears are just a gear

    the yellow gears are called crown gears.

    It is more important then it sounds, you can make gears that go around a corner.

    it looks very very nice :D do you think i should post my gatling gun? please reply

    My updated knex creations! 015.jpg

    Niiiice! Post! By the way: I just posted my first instructable, nah, video of my new Knex gatling gun. It is the first gatling gun that has a true trigger. Check it out!!!

    I like it, but it looks a lot like mine. But sure go ahead and post it. :D

    lol late response i posted it long gone its called the tronado 480 command v2 it is now a 16-shot :)

    Well, at least you know you did the right thing. :D

    Yes. I think I would rate a 3.5

    there is now a v2 that is posted It's Called: The Tornado 480 Command V2

    I like it! I haven't build it yet, but I think rate a 4.0 already!