Remember when there were images of trump everywhere you looked on the internet?

With trumpWAP, we can make the internet great again!

Here you will find full instructions to make a super classy and functional trumpWAP of your own, using parts you can find around the house!

You can read more about what trumpWAP is and what it does here...


Step 1: 3D Print the Case

I comes in 3 pieces. It is important to print the hairplate in orange. The other colors don't matter.

The Fusion 360 model is here if you want it...


Step 2: Make It Classy

This is the most important step. Spray paint the case shiny gold.

Step 3: Add Some LED Eyes to the Backplate

This step is optional, but recommended. I used normal red LEDs, but you can use whatever you have.

Step 4: Set Up the Raspberry Pi

You'll need a Raspberry Pi 3, and SD card, and a power supply. If you don't already have one, here is a nice kit that comes with everything...


You can also use an old Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 with a Wifi adapter, but it will be even slower and suck.

Step 5: Install the TrumpWAP Software

Buy an SD card like this one....


...and burn the trumpWAP software into it according to these instructions...


ba BA ba.

Step 6: Put the Case Together

You'll have to print out the above face file on a piece of paper and cut it out with scissors.

Step 7: Install the Pi Into the Case

It doesn't really fit, so you have to jam it in there.

Step 8: Attach an Antenna

I used this sticky tape...


The antenna helps the waves get out.

Step 9: Enjoy a Better Internet!

Your finished trumpWAP should look like this.

Use it.

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