Trumpet Stand With Electric Warmer





Introduction: Trumpet Stand With Electric Warmer

This is my electronic trumpet warmer, only one EVER made, and yeah, so I hope you like it.

Step 1: Needed Stuff.

one trumpet
one hair dryer (I used a Dynasty 1350)

Trumpet stand :
4 orange rods
14 blues
1 yellow
21 oranges
2 whites
8 reds
1 big wheel
1 small wheel

Hair dryer attachement:
8 reds
10 blues
4 whites
2 yellows
2 whites
8 yellows
8 purples
1 red

Step 2: Stand Part 1

Build this. See all those orange connectors, replace em with yellows and also the purple and green connector too.

Step 3: Big Wheel

Build this around the big wheel. The purples, green and greys should be reds.

Step 4: Stand Part 2

Build this with the wheel on it.

Step 5: Connect Em

Put them together and the trumpet stand is done.

Step 6: Hair Dryer Holder

Build this, mod it for your hair dryer.

Step 7: Holder

This must be at a variable height for different hair dryers.

Step 8: Connect Em

Connect them together just like this.

Step 9: In With the Dryer

Put the dryer in here and put that white in to seal it, use that red to hold the dryer straight.
You're done! Put trumpet on stand, plug the dryer in and turn it on its LOWEST setting. wait 1 min, turn off and play your wonderfully warm trumpet!

Please help me make this a BIG invention, tell your friends, family and anyone who plays trumpet!

**If the dryer breaks, not my problem**



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    That is very creative! I love the idea of keeping the horn warm, it may actually reduce the amount of condensation (spit) when you pick it up to play since the temp of the instrument wont be colder than your breath. I would be interested in how to use a much quieter fan than a hairdryer with the heating element, then it could actually be used in situations like an orchestra pit or outdoor performances where ambient air temp is cold.

    make 1 for tenor sax

    I play baritone sax its like the hugest of them all (excluding the controbass)

    theres bass and even bigger than contabass called subcontrabass

    i play the electric nuthing!

    THE HEAT WORKS it expands the metal before you play so your not out of tune while you playing this way the trumpet will be ready to be played without tuning out

    if you brass players are tired of cold mouthpieces, you can go to your music shop and buy a plastic mouthpiece.